Millstreet Church Calendar 2019 with Autumnal Image

The ever popular Millstreet Church Calendar contains such very useful information.  Great credit is due to those involved in the design of the annual publication.  Quite a few people have asked about the location of the Autumnal Image chosen for this year’s Calendar.   The picture was taken one morning as I left Mount Leader Estate at the intersection with the Road leading to Millstreet Industrial Estate.   Clara Mountain is seen in the background and the very attractive roadside garden with a variety of autumnal colours which was developed many years ago by such dedicated people like the late Neily O’Leary and others – is to the foreground of the image.   Below we feature the Calendars which are available in St. Patrick’s Church, Millstreet, in Ballydaly and Cullen Churches and the original image recorded in Autumn 2018.   Click on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Actor Supreme Stefan Appears on Popular Christmas TV Feature

Stefan – son of Con & Louise Healy is renowned as a truly gifted Actor featuring in School Productions, Glen Theatre and further Theatrical Venues.   In the prime time very popular television Christmas Special of “The Young Offenders” (on RTÉ and further Channels) Stefan is seen in many of the crowd scenes.  Below we share two of those scenes.   Stefan’s sense of timing is utterly inspiring in the various productions in which he has featured.   We wish him every success in his studies and in many future theatrical projects.
[Watch the Young Offenders on the RTÉ Player]. Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Stefan may be seen third from the right, wearing red tee shirt with four “policemen” directly behind him.
Stefan is pictured on left of barrier directly in front of lady in pink knitted cap.

Minor Row native Tony Kelleher was also an extra in the Young Offenders Christmas Special. Some of ye might have recognised him in the hospital bed beside the lad’s sick mum:

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