Additional Activities on Millstreet Culture Night on Fri. 21st Sept. 2018

After the entertainment in the Square at 7pm on September 21st, Millstreet
Culture Trail will continue with Trad Sessions in McCarthy’s Bar & The
Clara Inn. At 9pm there will be Bingo in the Bush Bar, at 9.30pm a Quiz in
Corkery’s Bar & 45 Cards in The Bridge Bar. There is something for everyone to enjoy on this special night.

We thank Marie Twomey of Millstreet Pipe Band for this important update.  (S.R.)

Isla Grant on “Where the Road Takes Me” on C103 at 7 Sunday Evening

We thank Presenter, John Greene for advance information on this week’s programme.  (S.R.)

Agrophobia, and a serious road crash a few days before her wedding in 1992, threatened to end her singing career. Five years later, thanks to the love of her husband and family and her faith in God, she stepped back on stage for the first time .

Although Scottish born, country music fans in Ireland almost claim her for
their own. This week on Where the road takes me, John Greene invites you
to spend an evening in the company of Isla Grant, to hear her story and
listen to her songs.

Popular in faraway places like Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, this
country music star is always assured of a warm welcome in Ireland. [read more …] “Isla Grant on “Where the Road Takes Me” on C103 at 7 Sunday Evening”

All Things Considered

It’s only a few months since Eily Buckley starred in Daniel and Majella’s Road Trip, but now she’s in the latest SuperValu advert on our TV’s, in our cinemas, and anywhere else there’s a screen, and she’s back driving a bus full of children again, like she did for many years ! Huge Congrats to Eily, who appears at about 0:42 in the video below:

[read more …] “All Things Considered”