Eily’s Report – 27th February

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to my weekly report.

A very important meeting will be held at the Wallis Arms Hotel tonight to plan our St. Patricks Day Parade which will be held in the town at 5 O’clock on March 17th. Starting from the Station Road. All interested parties please attend.

A wonderful event was held at the pub in Carriganima on Friday night.  It was a reunion of Football teams from, Aubane, Ballydaly, Clondrohid, and the Slanan Rovers.   Sadly due to other commitments I wasn’t able to attend. It was a night of reminiscing and back slapping and once again enjoying the stories of the great times that were, back in the 50s and 60s. Times when people mixed freely, packed big numbers into cars, played their games in any field, and mended their cuts and bruises in situ. Their brochure included pictures of the teams and they are a joy to observe. I hope that more occasions like this will follow so that past times can teach us all a lesson on how life really should be lived, Well done to the organisers.

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