It Has Been A While Since I Walked By Finnow

It has been a while since i walked by Finnow
And in a rushy field heard the soft lowing of a cow
After sundown in the twilight of the day
In the prime of the Spring on an evening in May

It has been a while near the Town of Millstreet
That i walked in the field where the waterways meet
And heard dark brown water bird dipper with breast white as snow
Singing his scratchy song where the river rapids did flow

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Annual Christmas Morning Climb of Mushera Mountain

Annual Christmas Morning Climb of Mushera takes place on Christmas Day Morning Sunday 25 December at 10.30 am. This year the proceeds go to Reach Out Cancer Support Group. The fund is open now if you would like donate you can give this to myself John F Kelleher Aubane Social Club or any member of the Reach Out Cancer Support Group. Please support this great group as there will be a bucket collection on the morning of the climb.  We thank John F. Kelleher for the notice and splendid photo of a snow clad Mushera Mountain  Click on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)mushera-snow-jf-kelleher-1000

Dromtariffe Parents & Friends of COPE Foundation Present Cheque

John Clifford, Head of Fundraising, COPE Foundation, Cork attended a special gathering in Dromtariffe Community Hall last week to accept a most impressive cheque for COPE Foundation from the Dromtariffe Parents and Friends of COPE Foundation.   John expressed his sincere thanks on behalf of the Foundation.   Loreen Fitzpatrick, Annmarie Murphy and other Committee Members presented the cheque while later a special tree was presented to Christy Lucey marking an amazing 40 years supporting the Foundation.   We sincerely thank Photographer supreme – Denis O’Leary of Dromtariffe for sharing the five excellent images below.   Click on the pictures to enlarge.  (S.R.)1dromtariffe-cope-cheque-2016-1000 2dromtariffe-cope-cheque-2016-1000 3dromtariffe-cope-cheque-2016-1000 4dromtariffe-cope-cheque-2016-1000 5dromtariffe-cope-cheque-2016-1000