John Lonergan at St.Brendan’s NS, Rathcoole

2016-02-03 John Lonergan at St.Brendan's NS Rathcoole 1402An inspirational and surprisingly entertaining (sic!) night was had by about 60 parents who arrived on Thursday last at St Brendan’s National School, Rathcoole to listen to a talk by John Lonergan and Caroline Crotty.

John, who was governor of Mountjoy Prison for 24 years, and Caroline, a psychology counselor for teens and adults, gave a refreshing and honest talk titled “Parenting – the challenges and the rewards.”

Both parents themselves, they gave sound advice on many challenges today’s parents face: social media related risks, drugs, peer pressure.

They also focused on simple and wonderful joys parenthood brings. After all you only need two measures to check your children against: health and happiness.

The views they shared were simple and yet so witty and true. They held their audience captivated for the whole time. Serious nods from the parents mixed with outbursts of laughter at real life anecdotes.

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Pat Duggan

On looking back the Seasons that time does go quickly happens to be so
Pat Duggan left Claraghatlea five decades ago
He went off to New York for a new start in life
Where he married Lisheen born and raised Kathy Looney his soul mate and wife

A religious man to his beliefs quite true
He lived as a good person for to give him his due
He never harmed anyone in any way
In him what was a loss to Millstreet was a gain to the U S of A

One of the eldest of my siblings Pat as i recall
As a young man never played Hurling or Gaelic Football
In a sporting mad Parish where his was a known and well liked face
He was one of those who did seem out of place
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