Jenny and a Phone Call to Heaven

Marie Twomey and Tom Goggin of the Millstreet Community Singers were on Radio Kerry tonight. Marie sang a Joe Dolan song “Jenny” a Joe Dolan song, and Tom sang “Phone Call to Heaven”. Listen to them in the video above (you may need to turn up the volume a little, and apologies for the poor quality audio).

An Old Medal from Ballydaly

2015-08-02 Russell Murphy - Medal 56 009We have in our posesion a football medal of our Grandfather Patrick Murphy , son of John & Hanoria Murphy, from Ballydaly, Patrck was born 6/6/1877 Baptised at Millstreet Catholic Church. The medal is dated 1901/2, is Silver & has MC + P Murphy on the front. Could anyone advise what it means, or where to search for the history of the medal.
Regards, Russell Murphy (Australia)

Considering that it’s in old Gaelic, can someone help with the deciphering and translating (click on the photos to see larger versions). This is what i’ve taken from it:

Cath Cleasuidheacht
Cond agus liathroide
Sraid a Muilin  [Millstreet]

Russell had an interesting story on how it was found: “The medal was dug up on our farm in NZ [while digging a post hole  approx 1958]  &  our late father had no recollection of it, but did say , it was of his father.”

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Running Mizen to Malin Chodziesner is an Australian running from Mizen to Malin. Covering about three quarters of a marathon each day, he arrives in Millstreet tomorrow from Ballingrary, and is off again the following morning.

Simon is raising money for two charities close to his heart:
Friends of Letterkenny General Hospital – the local hospital where Simon’s Donegal family have been well cared for over the years, and the Friends of LGH Onconolgy Bus.

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