Attendance Levels at Womens Sport

We are three Transition Year students from Millstreet Community School and we are carrying out this survey for our BT Young Scientist project. For our project we are investigating the attendance levels at women’s sports. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out this survey. Thank you.

Click on this link to go to the survey: (apologies that the initial link led to a thanks you page)

Preparing Cows for a Dairy Show

2014-11-27 Ear to the Ground - National Dairy Show 05This evening Ear to the Ground (RTÉ ONE) had a feature from Millstreet: “Darragh McCullough explores the National Dairy Show in Millstreet, Co Cork, where he meets the Murphys who stay up all night to keep their cows and calves clean for the parade ring.

It’s an interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes at a dairy show – from leading them, feeding them, keeping them clean, washing, clipping, and blowdrying them, and even hair extensions.  See the show on the RTÉ Player (from 15:54 to the end of the programme).

Below are a few more images from the programme: [read more …] “Preparing Cows for a Dairy Show”