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Regional Report 1240 – 28th October 2014



Eily Buckley

Dia is Mhuire diobh go leir a Cairde and welcome to News report 1240 from Millstreet. Fondest greetings dear listeners band I wish you all the best on this pretty wet but calm morning. The last one in October.

It will take a long time for the excitement of this past weekend to calm down. Our team’s victory the Co. Final of the Junior A football Championship on Saturday raised to spirits of our people from here to the farthest ends of the Earth. Judging by the numbers of messages coming into our website, we have people in every corner of the globe. And I would like our winning team and all connected with them to take a step back, pause for a moment and just think what joy and pride that they have brought to their people.
All the long hours of training, and anguish along the way has been worth it. Great of course to win, but even greater to realise what they have done to make our people out there, proud of where they came from ,and perhaps give them that extra push, to try and come home to stay.

No effort was spared on Saturday night, by our Community Council and GAA Club to give the winners a welcome home, fitting for the great team that they are.
The streets were lined with supporters as the Lorry carrying the team through the town was led by the pipe Band to the GAA Hall for a joyous gathering.
The Cup was taken on the customary tour of the pubs.
Millstreet hasn’t enjoyed a County Final Victory since 1963 which makes this all the sweeter.
Look up our website it’s full of pictures and even a short recorded account of the vital closing moments of the game.
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Excellent Local Unicyclist Demonstrates True Spirit of EJC2014

Wonderfully talented Unicyclist Andrienne from Millstreet superbly demonstrates the true spirit of EJC2014.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)
Wonderfully talented Unicyclist Andrienne from Millstreet superbly demonstrates the true spirit of EJC2014.   She sometimes travels to school on her unicycle.  Click on the images to enlarge.   (S.R.)

3Excellent Unicyclist  Andrienna practising at The Square, Millstreet -800Andrienna has been greatly inspired by the unicycling workshops held during the European Juggling Convention which was held in Millstreet during [read more …] “Excellent Local Unicyclist Demonstrates True Spirit of EJC2014”