Genealogy: The O’Sullivans who owned Clara Mountain

Hi! My name is Richard Alexander Florczak III. I live in Hudson, Florida. My grandmother, Nora Maureen Florczak has family who lives in Millstreet, Ireland. Her maiden name is Sullivan. Her father (my great-grandfather) was Cornelius Sullivan. His family were once one of the most wealthiest families in Millstreet.

The head of the family was Daniel Sullivan (my 2nd great grandfather). His wife (2nd great grandmother) was Mary Cronin. I don’t know how many children they had. But I know a little bit about the family. My great grandfather (Daniel and Mary’s son) was Cornelius Sullivan. He went by Con to his friends. He owned a mountain called Clara Mountain. His family owned thousands of acres. One of his sisters was mentally challenged and was taken care of by the Cloistered. Cornelius gave all of his land and the Clara Mountain to the Cloistered nuns, due to them taken care of his sister all of her adult life. I know two more children and that is it. One of Con’s brothers were Jeremiah Sullivan. He was born in Millstreet, Co. Cork, Ireland. One of Con’s sisters was Johana Sullivan. She was born in 1925. She became a nun when she came to the United States. She died in 1975. [read more …] “Genealogy: The O’Sullivans who owned Clara Mountain”