Fr. James McSweeney’s “Thought of the Day” Relates to Joanne’s Documentary which had its World Premiere in Cork on Sunday

Steven, Joanne and Donncha feature in Fr. James McSweeney's Thought for Reflection which may be accessed on .  Our photograph was taken in Cork on Sunday following the World Premiere of
Steven, Joanne and Donncha feature in Fr. James McSweeney’s Thought for Reflection which may be accessed on . Our photograph was taken in Cork on Sunday following the World Premiere of  “No Limbs No Limits”.   Click on image to enlarge.  (S.R.)  takes you to the website of Fr. James McSweeney.


Regional Report 1188 – 8th October 2013



Eily Buckley

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to News Report 1188 from Millstreet.  Fondest Greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the very best on this lovely Autumn Morning.

Millstreet is still reeling from the hectic weekend. The Cork 20 International Rally 2013 excelled all expectations. The organisers attended to detail in every aspect of the weekend. And by the time the opening ramp was placed in the town Square on Friday evenin, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were in Montecarlo. Crowds lined the streets and the pipe band played as never before and were first over the ramp to the cheers and joy of all present. Then it was time for the real thing and the revving, roaring speed machines came up to the line where they were introduced one by one. Made an earsplitting exit and went down the town at the speed of lightening. Following that the game was on and For the next two days our designated roads were black with spectators trying to get a good view from any safe vantage point. The Green Glens was a mecca of activity as  an outdoor Service Station, while indoors the Rally Festival had something to offer both the young and the not so young. [read more …] “Regional Report 1188 – 8th October 2013”

Millstreet in the News – 8th October 2013

Be a good sport, like this year’s hurlers – Joanne O’Riordan writes in the Irish Examiner – 7th Oct

The rise of the underdogs and the fall of the greats, the memories, the new talent and the passion and sportsmanship all came to a blistering end when Clare defeated Cork, to win Liam McCarthy for just the fourth time…

Customers bin Vodafone phones over ‘abysmal’ coverage – Corkman – Oct 3rd

VODAFONE customers in Duhallow are throwing their phones into the dustbins as coverage has been described as “abysmal”…

Burglaries on the rise in north Cork – Corkman – Oct 3rd

The 21 Garda stations across North Cork, from Watergrasshill in the east to Millstreet in the west, recorded a 12% increase in the rate of burglaries in 2013 compared to 2012…

World premiere of film on Joanne’s life – Irish Examiner – 7th Oct

Girl born without limbs tells of her ambition to become a sports pundit and meet One Direction – Irish Mirror – 7th Oct

Joanne is the real winner in new biopic – Independent – 7th Oct

Stage by stage reporting on the Cork 20 Rally – – 6th Oct

VIDEO: No Limbs No Limits – Irish Examiner – 6th Oct

VIDEO: No Limbs, No Limits – Film of the life of Inspiring Teen Joanne O’Riordan debuts – RTÉ News Now – Oct 6th

[read more …] “Millstreet in the News – 8th October 2013”