Very Impressive New Centre for Cullen Pipe Band Officially Opened

Con Ó Conaill, President of the Irish Pipe Bands Association, officially opens the magnificent new Centre for Cullen Pipe Band on Sunday, 4th November 2012.   It was blessed by Canon John Fitzgerald, P.P. with Fr. Gerard O’Leary also present.   Lots more pictures to follow later.    (S.R.) 

Pilgrimage to Medjugorje 2012 – Part 2

Church of St. James, Medjugorje. We had arrived in this world-famous location at the end of September where the average daily temperature was thirty-three degrees. It had been twenty-five years since I had last visited this hugely impressive Marian Shrine.  (S.R.)

This was the first day of our weeklong pilgrimage.   It really has developed greatly since I was there in 1987 with lots of new hotels, shops and a most wonderful outdoor extension to [read more …] “Pilgrimage to Medjugorje 2012 – Part 2”

Millstreet Juvenile GAA annual Perpetual Cup

Our annual perpetual cups took place in the town park on Sunday September 30th. The under 8 competed  for the Alan O Connor cup the u 10 competed for the           Tommy O Connor shield and the u12 competed for the Connie Kelleher cup .The pipe band lead the teams on a parade around the pitch much to the delight of the players and their proud parents.  The matches were refereed by Denis Hickey and Noel Crowley.Members of the O Connor /Kelleher families presented the shields and cups to the captains Diarmuid McCathey brothers Barry and Evan Murphy and Andrew Smith and Andrew O’Regan. All players received a medal and some crisps and drink after the matches. We the juvenile club would like to thank everyone who helped to make the day a great success. Carmel Walsh.

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Regional Report 1140 – 6th November 2012



Eily Buckley


Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a cairde and welcome to news report 1140 from Millstreet.

Fondest greetings dear listeners and I wish you all the very best on this nice clear crisp Tuesday morning.

Baoichas le Dia our parish Mission was an outstanding success last week. It ran from Sunday to Friday and the crowds teemed in to every service in each of the churches of Cullen, Ballydaly and Millstreet. The Redemptorist priests who gave the mission were particularly impressed by the large numbers of people who turned up for 7 o’clock mass each morning. The preachers endeared themselves to the people and nobody wanted the Mission to end.

The sermons, the singing, the atmosphere, had a healing and calming effect over all. Our recently refurbished Parish Churchwas full each night for the 7.30 devotions. And to add to the success of the mission, it coincided with All Saints and All Souls Day on Thursday and Friday.

All the local priests gave their support to the Holy event. I must leave it there, but I want to say a sincere word of Thanks to our dear Canon John for bringing the Mission to Millstreet. Its ten years since we had one and we hope that the next one will not be as long away.

This being November, and the month of the Holy Souls our cemeteries will be blessed after the 11.30 Mass on next Sunday November 11th. Those who visit graveyards up to November 8th will gain a Plenary Indulgence applicable to the Holy Souls.

Please keep our graveyards litter free.

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Strawing in Aubane

Super night in the Valley of Aubane Last night at Aubane Community Centre for the Monday night Dancing…Last night we had Visitors “The Strawboys” There are very few places where the tradition of strawing takes place. It seems to be confined now to parts of Cork and Kerry. In our photo today newly weds Gerard McSweeney and Karen White were welcomed home from their honeymoon by the strawboys.
The history of the tradition of strawing is that strawboys were uninvited guests who dressed up in suits made from straw and paid a visit to the wedding feast in the midst of the celebrations. The average number in the group was about a dozen and all the gang remained anonymous. The face especially had to be well covered in straw to nullify identification. The group last night was made up of ten people. Picture compliments of John F. Kelleher

In the Corkman – 1st November 2012

The Corkman Newspaper is out every Thursday in all the local newsagents, and contains much more than just the online version.

James Manley

James Manley was a likeable fellow as the many who knew him recall
In his prime years in the green and gold of Millstreet a great player of Gaelic Football
In Kanturk where he lived with his wife and children a drapery business he did own
His fame it spread far beyond Duhallow he was one who was widely known

In gaelic games and coursing circles James Manley was known far and wide
Good memories of him live in those who knew him though the breath of life in him has died
The day the dog he trained Peadar’s Prize won the North Cork Cup in Millstreet the applause was deafeningly loud
As the first trainer of a Duhallow dog to win this prestigious coursing trophy James Manley felt happy and proud [read more …] “James Manley”