Opening of New Cullen N.S. on 9th June 2012 – Part Two

To mark the truly historic occasion of the Opening on Saturday, 9th June 2012 of Cullen N.S. a delicious celebratory cake was especially baked. Here we share the second pictorial feature of that wonderful day in Cullen. (S.R.)

Blessed with magnificent weather on the day the official opening was followed by a number of speeches and a splendid musical and drama presentation by the very talented pupils.   Then followed the partaking of a wide variety of [read more …] “Opening of New Cullen N.S. on 9th June 2012 – Part Two”

“Strings” Live from NAFCo in Derry!

Thanks to Emer Foley-Twomey we have a pictorial update of the wonderful “Strings” Musical Group enjoying their current visit to Derry for the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention 2012 where some 180 fiddlers from all over the world are playing together. Now that must be some truly magnificent harmonic sound! Hopefully we may get to hear a recording of the splendid event sometime. (S.R.)