Millstreet Pipe Band Welcomes 2011 – Happy New Year to Everyone!

Upholding a wonderful tradition in welcoming the New Year here we meet some of the members of Millstreet Pipe Band who at 8.00 p.m. tonight gave a wonderful recital at the Square beside the very colourful Christmas Tree ... and no snow! We dedicate this uplifting image to people like Ted Barrett in Wales, to the McSweeney Family in Cobh and to All our wonderfully loyal Millstreet Website Visitors. A very Happy New Year to Everyone and may a very Bright 2011 bring much Happiness and Joy.

Preparing for New Year’s Day Sponsored Swim

Reminding us of the Annual Sponsored New Year's Day Swim at the Boeing in the River Blackwater setting - Eileen & the two Margarets.

Four energetic gentlemen have already completed the Sponsored Swim today – the final day of 2010 but on 01/01/’11 – assembling at 12.00 noon with the actual swim taking place at 12.30 p.m. – the large group of enthusiasts will [read more …] “Preparing for New Year’s Day Sponsored Swim”

The Man From Gortavehy

If you’re Irish and in Melbourne and live up the Preston way
Give a call on Johnny Tarrant it will help to make his day
And he’ll give you a huge welcome as he has a heart of gold
That great man from Gortavehy a few with two score years old.
He’s worked hard throughout Australia for fifteen long years or more
And he’s still the same John Tarrant as I knew in days of yore
He still speaks with Irish accent and he hasn’t changed one bit
And at heart he’s still a youngster with a mighty sense of wit.

[read more …] “The Man From Gortavehy”

Coursing Continues

The Second and last day of the Annual Coursing continues in the town Park in Millstreet. Left standing after the first day yesterday and in the final rounds today are:

Millridge Eoin, Cillowen Bandit, Big Man Down, Sound Pistol, Pay Me,Foundation Stone Gael, force Wind, Cousin Denny.

Boomting Lucy, Ballymac Rudi, Ducie Shore, Latest Action, Aghaburren Becky, Why Tanyardpenny, Cheryl, Smile Enough

Brazing Serpent, Shandrum Bar, Clon Allstar, Party Jay Cee, Tubbermartin Lad, Bluebird Boyo, Millbridge Eoin, Enjoythesunshine