Cullen and District Annual Sponsored Weigh-In


1979 – 2010


Moira O’Keeffe

It was all systems go in Cullen Community Centre on Mon. Feb.1st for the 25th annual sponsored weigh in. It was great to renew acquaintances from previous years and also to welcome many new faces. It was a big night for us as the weigh in had been postponed by two weeks due to the inclement weather in January.

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Students ‘Sleep Out’ for Trocaire

HomeTwenty three students and teachers from Millstreet Community College will brave the elements and ‘sleep out’ overnight at the doors of Cork’s Millstreet Church to support Trocaire’s Lenten campaign on hunger. They will be joined by members of Millstreet parish. The students aim to highlight world hunger and the poor living conditions faced by people struggling to survive, while raising money for Trocaire’s work.

To make the sleep-out as challenging as possible they will leave mobile phones, i-pods, and all forms of portable entertainment at home. The students will speak at local parishes over this weekend, 27/28th February, and to end the week off they will undergo a 24 hour Fast on Friday 5th March for Trocaire. Also on the 11th March there will be a multicultural event in the Community School as part of the Lenten Project.

Why? For the first time in history 1 billion people or one in six people in the world do not have enough food.

At the doors of St.Patricks Church, Millstreet. 7pm on Monday 1st March to 7am on Tuesday 2nd March.

Read about it on the Trócaire website

Ballydaly In Late February

The stream from Kippagh mountain downhill babbles it’s way
Through the fields of Ballydaly by overnight frost made gray
Along by the brown hedgerows by Winter winds stripped bare
The coldness of late February is in the morning air.
The water is flowing bank high in river, stream and drain
And dark clouds above the mountain give promise of more rain
Yet on the naked birch tree the territorial robin sing
Despite the Wintery weather he senses the coming Spring.
Of Ballydaly in late February the memories remain
In my nostalgic flights of fancy I walk the old fields again
Across the bare and wet and frosted fields the freshening cold winds blow
Yet the frost resistant daisies bloom where grass refuse to grow.
In quiet old Ballydaly in late February of the year
The wild cries of the hunting fox in the moonlit fields one hear
Her cubs too old to suckle and too young to hunt in their den are crying for meat
A rabbit, hare, pheasant or chicken they would feel glad to eat.
From the lake in Kippagh mountain the stream through the bracken flow
And bank high it babbles it’s way Inland down by the bare hedgerow
Yet the robin he is singing on a cold and wintery day
And from old Ballydaly Spring cannot be far away.