The Cold Snap

DSCF1317-600 icicles
Serious icicles ... in Millstreet. When did that last happen?

It’s been years since we’ve had cold weather like we are having at the moment. -7C (19F) the night before last and presumably colder last night. No wonder icicles like in the picture are popping up.

Thankfully there hasn’t been any snow or rain on the frozen ground, so roads and footpaths are not too bad yet (though you still need to be careful), but that could all change with one good shower.

Last nights Forecast. Help!
Forecast for the night of 01-01-'10. -9C Help!

Be careful out there, and don’t become one of those countless people who have slipped and broken bones or torn muscles / ligaments etc. So don’t make any unnecessary journeys, just stay inside with a nice fire and enjoy the company of your family while you can.

Don’t forget to look out for your elderly neighbours that might be living alone, because they can be susceptible to real cold like this.