The General Public are very Welcome to come along to the Start of the Tractor Run on Tomorrow Sunday May 8th at The Wallis Arms Hotel

The General Public are very Welcome to come along to the Start of the Tractor Run which will take place Tomorrow Sunday at The Wallis Arms Hotel to have a look close up at the Tractors before they leave the Hotel at 12.30pm and you can call in for a Cup of Tea and a Chat as well if you wish from 11 am onwards,any Support would be very much appreciated for both the Millstreet Museum and Millstreet Website.

Millstreet Vintage Club are holding a Tractor Run on Tomorrow Sunday May 8th Starting and Finishing in Millstreet Town,a Scenic Route is Planned to go in a direction West of the Town,the Run is in Aid of both Millstreet Museum and The Millstreet Website which are two very important Services to both the Millstreet Locality and the Wider Surrounding Area.

Sign On for The Tractor Run will be at the Wallis Arms Hotel Millstreet from 11am with Take Off at 12.30pm,Entry Fee is €20 and all Tractors are very Welcome,There will be a Perpetual Trophy for the Best Vintage Tractor on the day and your Support would be very Welcome,for Details Contact Dan O’Riordan on 087 2452569

What does St Patrick’s Day mean to you?

What does St Patrick’s Day mean to you?  Millstreet Parents Assn has asked the Primary School children that very question.

To some of us it can mean going to St Patrick’s Church for mass, meeting friends and listening to the wonderful music.  It maybe visiting family and going to the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

This year, sadly, we wont be able to do any Parades or go to Mass together, so instead of a Parade etc this year The Millstreet Parents Assn has invited the children from the Presentation N.S. and Scoil Mhuire B.N.S. to send in maybe a Photograph or Video of up to 20 seconds of who they want to wish Happy St Patrick’s day to (maybe someone out of the area or abroad they haven’t seen in a long time, or a relation they miss), perhaps play some music, or even have their own mini parade, even if they want to do a picture or Art, a poem, but the idea is for the children to say what St Patrick’s Day means to them.

The Parents Assn need all Photo’s/video’s and art pieces sent in by Friday 12th March 7pm and they will put them together for viewing in our own Primary Schools St Patrick’s virtual Parade on the 17th March.  By sending it in, it is accepted consent has been given to show the clips/art on the Facebook page of The Millstreet Parents Assn and other social media platforms, this way any wishes you want sending to people will be able to seen.

But this will only work if the children take part, so let prove that St Patrick’s Day is still special to everyone.


Keep Dogs safe.

Just had a message in:

A man with an occupant in his van was stopped outside our gate asking for directions to St. John’s well. Was inquiring about our dog and how old she was. He was curious as to how she acted as well. We watched as he drove towards Aubane area driving slowly past everyone’s house. A newish silver van with English Reg plates. Very suspicious and let everyone to keep watch of their dogs.

Remember keep an eye out for any Plastic Ties or markings outside your gate, and let anyone know if you see anything on other peoples properties.

Our Stats for 2014

In 2014 again had an increased in visitors to all parts of the site (we do wonder, but it shows no sign of stopping).

There were over 1.1 million page views across the year. It works out at 3,044 views a day on average from about 2,000 distinct (human) visitors. The pageviews are up from 933k in 2013 and have been rising every year since we were first recording them in 2009. Our home page was again by far the most popular page viewed with 714 thousand views over the year, as it really is the centre of the site.

We have about 2,500 Facebook followers, 264 Twitter followers, 100 subscribed to emails, but most of the visitors to the site now appear to be just regular visitors which is nice to see.

So, to those that are now putting articles up themselves (Seán, Hannelie, Bernard, John, and Rebbecca), regular contributors (Eily, and Sharon), to the countless people who shared news, photos, notices, and anything else with us, and to everyone who visited the site to keep up with the news and happenings … we’d just like to say Thank You, because without you we’re nothing, and we’d be a little less without any one of you.

2015-01 home page views from August 22nd 2009 to Jan 1st 2015
The ever increasing views on the home page of and pretty obvious from this graph (August 2010 to January 2015)

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Bandwidth Overload – Blame the Audio was always likely to happen. With all the new audio and photos in the last few days, we’re in danger of running out of bandwidth, and there would be no for the rest of the month.

Normally we run at about 70% of capacity, but for the last few days we have been running at 800% of normal. The audio are the biggest culprits so for now i’ll have to remove them and find somewhere else to host them. Sorry about this. michael (the admin) 🙁

Update 29th: We’ve started moving the audio hosting to soundcloud. the first ones back are the post match interviews. Listen to them here.

Silver Surfer Award for Seán

Update: Added audio of the George Hook interview and more photos below
2014-10-20 Seán Radley wins the Hobbies on the Net Award at the Silver Surfer Awards at Google Headquarters in Dublin - photo by HannelieCongratulations to Sean Radley winner of the Hobbies on the Net Award at the Age Action Ireland Silver Surfer Awards at Google Headquarters in Dublin today October 20th.

Seán was later interviewed by George Hook (Newstalk 104-106) and some of that interview was aired just before 7pm this evening. listen to the interview and there’s more photos below:

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Thank You from Millstreet Museum & Millstreet Website

Sincere thanks for kindly supporting last weekend’s churchgate collection for Millstreet Museum & Millstreet Website. The amount collected was €1,434.88. This included a very kind €20.00 cheque from a Millstreet native residing in Tralee.   This is our principal fundraiser for both the Museum and the Website.  Our major cost is insurance cover which absorbs a significant portion of our overall funds.   Heating, lighting and communication costs are also quite substantial.  The reopening of the Museum Centre with its Tourism dimension has involved appreciable expense.   Like many voluntary fundraising projects recent annual collections have differed from previous years.   Our collection this year has fallen by over €400.00 from last year….by over €350.00 in fact at this point as a very kind contribution of €50.00 has just been presented.  In order to sustain the local service it is hoped that some additional form of funding may become available throughout the coming year to allow us meet with ongoing expenses.   We are blessed to have Mary Kelleher and Mary Cronin with us as Coordinators Supreme at the Museum Centre in Carnegie Hall, Millstreet.   Long may these Government-funded Schemes continue as they are invaluable and of enormous importance to Voluntary Groups such as ours.   Over the years the sincere support of everyone for our work at Millstreet Museum and for the Millstreet Website team is greatly appreciated.  (S.R.)

Happy New Year

As 2013 has come to a close, we’d just like to thank everyone that helped us in any way during the year to make what it is today, from Seán who is irreplaceable with his camera, Hannelie who is always there in the background, Eily with her Regional Report, Sharon with the Parish Newsletter, Francis for his memories, the local clubs for their updates, those that pass onto us history that would otherwise be lost but who prefer to remain anonymous, to everyone else that sent us articles, photos, or shared information with us during the past year, and to all those who simply visited the site from near and far and continue to stay connected with Millstreet. We’d be a little bit less without any one of ye.

Wishing everyone the very best for you and yours in 2014.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain. [read more …] “Happy New Year”

Two Million Views … and counting

Yesterday August 8th passed a small milestone … 2 million articles viewed on the site since we started counting the stats in August 2009. We’d just like to say thanks to you our viewers and contributors coming back over and over to see what’s new and engaging with the site.

All the work we do is voluntary simply because we enjoy it, but [read more …] “Two Million Views … and counting”


When walking in the Town Park today a kind lady who is a dedicated follower of our website shared a discovery she had made regarding the two random pictures in the “From the Archives” section which appear on the right of all pages on (as in the example – right). She thought (as I did) that it was only possible to view just the two pictures when you clicked upon them … but now we share our discovery that if you click upon the highlighted caption underneath the pictures this will result in the opening of a complete file of pics from which the particular picture was taken – thus giving a wonderful selection of pics instead of just the one!  Many thanks to [read more …] “Discovery!”

Mitchells in Millstreet

Hello, I am looking for any info on the Mitchells of Millstreet circa 1830-60s. I know that there were 2 brothers Michael Patrick and Dennis. I believe Dennis was born around 1838 and Michael around 1842. I was wandering if someone could possibly tell me how many Catholic parishes there were in the area at that time? I would like to see if they have any records of the Mitchells.
Thank you for your help, John Burgess email:<email>

On Sean And Brendan’s Snow Tour

So nice of Sean Radley in his 2010 Millstreet snow tour to mention my name
This well may become my only claim to fame
Such beautiful online images he did create
Whilst being driven around the snow covered countryside by Brendan his good mate
Fair dues to Brendan Murphy his part in the creation of the images he did play
For driving Sean on his snow tour on such a terrible day [read more …] “On Sean And Brendan’s Snow Tour”

Recording for LTV2’s Christmas Programme

Brendan Murphy recording for LTV2's Christmas Programme. Thanks to Brendan we got to visit Keale Bridge, The Glebe Road, Drishane and the Boeing today. Lots of these scenes will feature on the LTV transmission on Christmas Day. Broadcast begins at 5.00 p.m. with a recording of tonight's Midnight Mass in Millstreet. Over the next few days we shall feature some of the magical images we captured today - truly fascinating scenes. All the Teams associated with our Local Website and with LTV2 Millstreet wish to extend Blessings and Good Wishes to All for a very Happy & Peaceful Christmas and may 2011 will be a very Bright and Joyful Year for Everyone.

Minor upgrades

We’ve been working away quietly in the background for the last few days improving your experience on Most of these you won’t notice, but here are a few few of the things that you should be more obvious:

  1. The ever lengthening List of Categories have been removed from the right sidebar and now appear as drop-down menus on top of the header.
  2. The List of Pages have been removed from the right sidebar, and now appear as drop-down menus at the bottom of the header.
  3. There are a few improvements in navigation around the site: [read more …] “Minor upgrades”

Quarter of a Million thank you’s

In the last few days has reached the milestone of quarter of a million page views since last August. That’s quite an achievement for a small community site like our own, but it has been of great encouragement to us to know that the readership is rising all the time.

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