I Would Feel A Stranger In Millstreet Today

For me ’tis a sad thing for to have to say
That I would feel a stranger in Millstreet today
A stranger to those even I once did know
Apart in my ways from them I seem to grow
Though with great fondness memories of them I do recall
In my physical prime with them I played football
And though absence makes the heart grow fonder some are known to say
To them I might seem like a stranger today
Even in Claraghatlea and the Town of Millstreet
A stranger to most people that I would meet
The praises of Millstreet I often do sing
And memories of old friendships joy to me does bring
But I’ve not been there for years and from there live far away
And I would feel a stranger in Millstreet today.

by Francis Duggan at poemhunter.com

The Maid of Millstreet

The Maid of Millstreet

By Con “Poet” Ahern

As performed on a recent LTV2 show by Jerry O’Riordan, Ballinatona
It was on a fine Summer’s morning,
And I going to Drishane for some lime.
The birds in each grove sang most charming,
Sweet nature being all in its prime
When a nice looking bright looking fair one,
Per chance on my way I did meet,
Her beauty enticed me completely,
She’s that lovely nice Maid of Millstreet. [read more …] “The Maid of Millstreet”

The Famed Millstreet Website

Millstreet Town has it’s own World wide web site few dreams like that come true
And for that Web-master Hannelie O Connor credit is only due
A great achievement for her and for her back up team
Though lot’s of honest effort goes into this ‘twould seem.

To Millstreet migrants living around the World their Hometown web site is a marvellous thing
Photographs of familiar faces from the past nostalgic memories to them bring
The old friends may have visibly aged but time on none do wait

And on each and every one of us there is a use by date.
John Tarrant keeps us well informed on sports and the G A A
And Eily Buckley keeps us up to date on the local happenings of today
And Sean Radley ‘In passing’ to the recent local deceased due respect pay
The present is linked to the past ’tis always been that way.

They are Hannelie’s main back up team as well there are many more
Who help to bring the news from Millstreet to many a distant shore
And what better way for any Duhallow migrant than spending half an hour at night
On a nostalgic visit to the famed Millstreet Web site.


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