Evening Snow in St. Mary’s

Tom has been taking lots of photos of the snow, but this may be his best this week. It’s St. Mary’s Graveyard taken last evening from the top looking down towards the road. There’s something lovely about the connection between the graveyard, and the life across the road with smoke and lights, and evening colours. But the first thing we noticed in the photo was that the paving was distinctly similar to the outline of Christ the Redeemer in Rio. Whatever you think, it is a magical photo. See more of his photos at his TMC Photography website.Below are some more of Tom‘s photos from this week:   [read more …] “Evening Snow in St. Mary’s”

In Pictures – 26th November 2017

A Burning Issue … at Millstreet Country Park this week during a demonstration to show landowners how to burn safely for the sustainable management of our uplands.
In Pictures this week has nearly 40 photos of scenery, wildlife, people, unusual things and more, all taken in the Millstreet area this week, and published on social media. See them below: [read more …] “In Pictures – 26th November 2017”

In Pictures – 10th November 2017

Autumn is flying, and winter will be coming soon. There have been some lovely bright days and not much wind, allowing people to get out and about. Tony took some stunning photos of Millstreet, showing up the lovely autumn colours. Click on the photo above to see the wonderful detail in each of his photos. In Pictures this week actually covers a few weeks, and is as varied as ever, from sport, to streetscapes, landscapes, visitors, animals, the Dairy Show, the Young Riders Show, and much more. See the photos below: [read more …] “In Pictures – 10th November 2017”

In Pictures: 12th October 2017

Above: Sean Kelly MEP, with members of St.John’s GAA Club – Don O’Riordan, John Dinneen, and Noreen Kelleher at their Church Gate Collection last week. In Pictures, our look at pictures from Millstreet in the media this week, has photos of visitors, locals, history, memories, soccer, golf, scenery, and more: [read more …] “In Pictures: 12th October 2017”

In Pictures – 6th October 2017

Above: Millstreet from a quad-copter over the Town Park, as Mushera dominates the horizon. This week’s In Pictures has photos of sport, landmarks for sale, of mountains, of Dromagh, from the Community School … as well as videos of Millstreet from the air, singing, and rallying … and a bot more with it : [read more …] “In Pictures – 6th October 2017”

O’Leary’s Home from the 1800s

We came across the photo below this week and we wonder if anyone recognises the house in the photo. The writing on the photo says “Cornelius & Mary (Williams) O’Leary home in Ireland outside Millstreet County Cork, now owned by McSweeney”. The O’Learys lived there in the mid 1800s. The house is fairly distinctive with it’s double hipped roof and arch above the front door. Any help would be appreciated [1]

[read more …] “O’Leary’s Home from the 1800s”

Railway Gatekeeper at Dooneen

Many thanks to Kevin McDermott for the above photo which shows his wife Noreen’s Grandfather and Grandmother -John and Katherine Cronin.  John Cronin was the Railway Gatekeeper at Dooneen, Millstreet, and lived in the Gatekeepers cottage at the time.  He’m thinking that the photo was taken early in the nineteen hundreds probably around 1910.  Noreen (née Cronin) was formerly from Murphy’s Terrace.  [read more …] “Railway Gatekeeper at Dooneen”

A January Night In Millstreet Town

Children walking home in a light drizzle in Millstreet an evening this January. Photo Aleksandra Cashman

Few cars on the quiet street do pass up and down
On a cold Winter night in old Millstreet Town
The pub doors are locked not a human in sight
On what is a typical January weekday night

On one of the moonlit trees in the Town Park nearby
The silence is pierced by a barn owl’s shrill cry
In the depths of Winter and Spring nowhere near
For it and it’s kind a hungry time of year

In the moonlit sky quite a beautiful sight
Myriads and myriads of stars twinkling bright
The cold chill of frost in the freshening breeze
In weather temperatures below zero degrees

[read more …] “A January Night In Millstreet Town”

Inside the old Cloghoula National School

Cork-based archaeologist Enda O’Flahety documents what remains of the desolate buildings in a photography project aimed at capturing the long decline of rural Ireland.

O’Flaherty began the project last year after coming upon an abandoned schoolhouse during a work field trip and realising that few modern visual records of such buildings exist.

Recently he featured the old Cloghoula National School. There is a good description of the architectural features of the school, as well as a number of photos. The article can be seen here (or just click on the photo below)

2016-02 Inside the old Cloghoula National School [read more …] “Inside the old Cloghoula National School”

Jack the Clerk

Last week I was browsing photos from the (now) high resolution Lawrence Collection and I was wondering about the identity of a man who appears in one photo outside the front door of Millstreet Church in the early 1900’s (soon after the death of Canon Griffin in 1899, and before his headstone was erected):

1900s Jack 'the Clerk' Murphy in front of Millstreet Church[full photo here]

… then I noticed that he’s also in the Lawrence photo of the Presbtry: [read more …] “Jack the Clerk”

Bicycle in the Porch

1909 St.Patrick's Church Millstreet - Bicycle in the Doorway 02In this photo a bicycle rests in the front porch of St.Patrick’s Church, Millstreet. It is a zoomed-in image from one of the William Lawrence photos which was taken about 1910.

We don’t think anyone noticed the bicycle previously. Thanks to Mary for pointing it out.

Another interesting detail which can be seen in the full photo (again when you zoom in) are the rosary beads hanging on the railings and gates on the left and right of the entrance from the street.

The full photo can be seen on the NLI website here.

The grave in front of the door was that of Canon Griffin who died on 22nd February 1899. It was relocated to the right as you enter the church yard when the church was rebuilt in the early 1930s. [read more …] “Bicycle in the Porch”

War Horse

Hay There - at Millstreet Horse Show - by Geraldine Dennehy - second in the Irish Examiner 2015 amateur photograph of the year
2016-01-23 Geraldine Dennehy and daughter Lauryn - on collecting her prize at Irish Examiner amateur photograph of the year_Congratulations to Geraldine Dennehy whose photo “War Horse” (above) of a cheeky horse at the Millstreet Horse Show was the runner up in the ‘Irish Examiner Readers’ Photography Competition.

Geraldine who is a very keen photographer was thrilled with her win: “I’ve always been interested in horses, I’ve worked with them for years, she says. “I was wandering around, taking photographs, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I was lucky the camera was on auto focus and I had a fast lens because I only had seconds to take that photo. I’m thrilled to have been a finalist.”

She is pictured (right) with her daugter Sarah at the presentation in the Irish Examiner offices (picture thanks to the Irish Examiner).

[read more …] “War Horse”

Works Continue on the Bridge at the Boeing

With the current good weather, work has continued with the construction of the abutments for the new bridge over the Blackwater at the Boeing which is part of the Breifne Beara Way. Click on the photos below to see larger photos, which are thanks to Michelle, or click here to see all photos of the construction so far.
20151102 Works at Dooneen at the Bridge on the Breifne Beara Way 0220151102 Works at Dooneen at the Bridge on the Breifne Beara Way 0320151102 Works at Dooneen at the Bridge on the Breifne Beara Way 0420151102 Works at Dooneen at the Bridge on the Breifne Beara Way 0520151102 Works at Dooneen at the Bridge on the Breifne Beara Way 01

Ssssshhhhh !

Julia going Ssssshhhhh to her Mum_-1000 On Wednesday morning, keen photographer Aleksandra Cashman was on TV3’s Ireland AM Camera Club Final for September, with presenter Mark Cagney and competition judge Jenny McCarthy. Her photo (above) was of her daughter Julia telling her mum to Ssssshhhhh as she tried to put her baby doll to sleep in her buggy. In any event it was won by a beautiful photo of a horse with it’s head in a bedroom window having it’s nose rubbed by a little girl, but Ola was delighted to be there in any case. See the video on the TV3 Player.

[read more …] “Ssssshhhhh !”

A Red Sky at Night

A Red Sky at Night - by Geraldine Dennehy
We’ve been blessed with this week’s fine spell which has lots of opportunity for taking nice photos of the world around us. Especially the skies this week, with the various moons and this one from Geraldine Dennehy entitled “A Red Sky at Night”, is of the bright red susets we are getting every evening now, which would be nice even if we said it was from the Serengeti. Long may it last … until Sunday that is !

New Irish Writing » Ann Lane

route66-beginIn the last few months Ann Lane has begun to publish articles on her travels and journeys around the world. She has writel travel articles in the past and has always had her camera at the ready.

Over the weekend she wrote of the start of her trip across Route 66, and she also has articles on trips to Nepal and Everest, Tromso and the Northern Lights, the Trail of Tears, and more.

They are all very interesting articles, and they can be seen at http://www.newirishwriting.com/category/ann-lane/.

Ann’s latest book titled “The Moment and the Day: Archives and Anecdotes” was released in May 2014, and is a photographic collection of photos of people from her travels from the last 50 years who, at one time or another, were prominently involved in the history of that era or event.

[read more …] “New Irish Writing » Ann Lane”

From the top of Musheramore

Caherbarnagh, Clara, and the Brandon Mountains on the horizon in the haze. Taken from Musheramore, by William Glasgow Howe, a member of one of a number of group of walkers that passed this way over the Duhallow Way in the last few days. (16th April 2015). Click the photo to see more from their walk.

Speaking of being on the top mountains, the annual Clara Mountain Run is on tomorrow (Sunday) evening at 7pm starting at the West End. The race is open to all, and full race details are on IMRA.ie