A January Night In Millstreet Town

Children walking home in a light drizzle in Millstreet an evening this January. Photo Aleksandra Cashman

Few cars on the quiet street do pass up and down
On a cold Winter night in old Millstreet Town
The pub doors are locked not a human in sight
On what is a typical January weekday night

On one of the moonlit trees in the Town Park nearby
The silence is pierced by a barn owl’s shrill cry
In the depths of Winter and Spring nowhere near
For it and it’s kind a hungry time of year

In the moonlit sky quite a beautiful sight
Myriads and myriads of stars twinkling bright
The cold chill of frost in the freshening breeze
In weather temperatures below zero degrees

Those home for the Christmas and New Year holiday
Have returned to where they live in cities far away
Irish country towns and villages are as quiet as can be
In the cold depths of Winter in January

At midnight on the Streets of Duhallow’s Millstreet Town
Few cars and trucks do pass up and down
And a January breeze blows a cold chill
From the high countryside by Clara Hill.

by Francis Duggan

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