Millstreet Community School at BT Young Scientist Competition in Dublin

We thank Fr. James McSweeney (who is Chaplain at Bantry Community College) for this superb selection of images from BT Young Scientist Competition at the RDS in Dublin at which Millstreet Community School has no less than a hugely impressive five most interesting Projects coordinated by wonderfully enthusiastic Students and inspiring Teachers. Click on the various pictures to enlarge. (S.R.)
Jennifer Linehan, Fionan Buckley and Grace O’Connor with their project “What Olympic sport is most suitable for me?”
Katie Hickey, Robyn Sheehan and Elmarie Kelleher with their project
“The correlation between success in an Olympic sport and participation in that sport following the Olympics.”
Neil Flahive and Aidan Murphy with their project
“What are the ideal weather conditions for high scoring in GAA?”
Nora O’Sullivan, Eibhlís Kelleher and Gary O’Donovan with their project
“A statistical investigation into the sodium chloride content of ration.”
Ciara Fitzgerald, Katie Crowley and Emma Kelleher with their project
“Epileptic or Drunk?” An awareness campaign to highlight symptoms of epilepsy.

And we share further images from the superb annual event.  We also thank Fr. James for the captions to the various pictures.   We extend our sincere congratulations to All for such huge participation at such a prestigious event.  Every success.

Well done to these girls from Millstreet Comm School for raising awareness: safe responses to epileptic seizures:

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