A 100th Birthday on Christmas Day 2016

We extend sincere congratulations to Mrs. O’Keeffe formerly of Clara Road, Millstreet and who now resides at Teach Altra, Newmarket – on the wonderful celebration of her 100th Birthday on this Christmas Day.  We thank her Grandson – Jeremiah Keating – for alerting us to this joyful and truly historic occasion..  (S.R.)

2 thoughts on “A 100th Birthday on Christmas Day 2016”

  1. Lovely lady and family,great to see her looking
    so great on her birthday. Remember her warm
    welcome into her home in Mill Lane when the
    family were there in the late 60s & 70s.
    Great photo

  2. For a century of living she does not seem on the wane
    She has lived through many Seasons Mr’s O’ Keeffe of Mill View Lane
    Devoted to her children and to her late husband Batt a good wife
    In Millstreet Town she has lived the most of her life
    But perhaps in Newmarket she is destined to stay
    Till her life’s journey’s end though that may not be for many a day
    Since she first saw light of day back in nineteen sixteen
    The many changes that time does bring she would have seen
    As nice a person as one could wish for to meet
    She made so many friends in her years in Millstreet
    Life has it’s good days and bad days and laughter and tears
    And not many do live for a century of years
    Her best years may be in the forever gone
    But beyond her one hundred birthday she is living on.

    “On Mrs O’ Keeffe’s One Hundred Birthday” is by Francis Duggan

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