Lovely Katie of Lackabawn

You gentle muses I pray excuse me
You kind infusion come grant once more
To praise a maiden, sweet and engaging
She’s lovely Katie that I adore

If you’ll not aid me my heart will fail me
A sketch unpleasing I must have drawn
For oh I am eager my heart to please her
She’s lovely Venus of Lackabawn

One frosty morning when passing northwards
By Millstreet’s Border I chanced to meet
My darling Venus I mean Young Katie
And she coming early up from the street

Her blue eyes beaming and darts prevailing
Her conversation was grand and calm
My heart was breaking for to be leaving
Sweet lovely Katie of Lacabawn

In the evening early when home retreating
Down by the haybench I did her see
And if quite cautious her dart was painful
This lovely fair one should wink at me

Oh I would rather than the flocks of Leader
Or all the cattle grazing on O’Donell’s Lawn
That on the hay-bench I would be seated
With young lovely Katie of Lacabawn

If you see young Katie dressed up so gaily
At leisure pacing along the street
She is the mildest enticing creature
A rhyming gamester did ever meet

Her golden fair locks in clusters streaming
Hang down her waist in fine ringlets drawn
In every feature the pride of nature
Is in lovely Katie of Lackabawn

If Jayon famous had known your Katie
With her he’d sail to the Peisian shore
Or bold Orphus for to release her
The burning rejions he’d search once more

Or Paris bravest of the Trogan heroes
Who brought Queen Haylan from King Pryon
He’d venture greater his bride to make her
Sweet lovely Katie of Lackabawn

Although Katie is a rich young lady
And far superior in wealth to me
Yet while acquainted she’s kind and faithful
With short experience I this can see

In the winter season when the weather was dreary
And I going early up to Drishane
All my consolation was seeing young Katie
That lovely fair maid of Lackabawn

Farewell dear Katie must now forsake you
The breeze from bleirach is piercing me
It checks me fairly and bids me stay
With the lovely maiden of Mushery

But in the summer season
When the weather is changing
Once more I will stray back to fair Drishane
All in speculation of seeing young Katie
That blooming fair maid of Lackabawn

Written down by Bina Twomey, Horsemount. Age 12 years.
Supplied by Con Coakley, Rahalisk.
Ballinagree National School.


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