Ellen Evoy – buried in Drishane

1916-11-18-ellie-evoy-buried-in-drishane-old-cemetery_rszIn November 1916, Ellen Evoy, a young mother from Midleton died and was brought to Millstreet by train to be buried in Drishane. The funeral was mentioned with great sadness in many papers, but Evoy is not a name associated with Millstreet, so who was she?

So, we set about trying figuring out who she was …

“Evoy – On Nov 11th 1916, at her residence, Cork Road, Midleton, after a long illness, bourne with perfect patience and resignation, Ellie, the beloved wide of Constable Evoy, R.I.C., to the inexpressible grief  of her sorrowing husband, brother, and young children. After Requiem Mass on Monday, which was celebrated by the Rev. Father Francis Murphy, C.C.,  Midleton, the interment took place in the Old Churchyard at Drishane, near Millstreet, in the presence of a large concourse of mourners. The officiating clergyment at the graveside were the Very Revd. Conon  Casey, P.P., Millstreet, and the Revd. Father Francis Murphy, C.C., Midleton. Lord have mercy on  her soul.”  – Irish Examiner Saturday 18th Nov 1916.


1916-11-16-mrs-evoy-funeral-00LATE MRS. EVOY, MIDLETON – The death of Mrs Evoy, wife of Constable Evoy, which occurred at her residence, Cork Road, Midleton, on Saturday last, occasioned widespread and sincere regret amongst all classes at midleton. The deceased was a leading and very devout member of the Women’s Branch of the Confraternity  of the Holy Family, and was widely esteemed in the district. After Requiem Mass on Monday morning, which was celebrated by the Rev. Francis Murphy, C.C., the remains enclosed in a beautiful oak coffin, surmounted by beautiful wreaths, were borne on the shoulders of several steward members of the R.I.C. in charge of District Inspector Murphy, to the Midleton Railway Station, to be conveyed by train to Millstreet. The interment took place in the old historic churchyard at Drishane, in the presence of a large assemblage of people representative of all creeds and classes in the town and district of Millstreet, where the deceased was very well and favourably known. The very Rev. Canon Casey, P.P., Millstreet, assisted by the Rev. Francis Murphy C.C., Midleton recited the burial service at the graveside. With Constable Evoy and his family much sympathy is felt in their sad bereavement.” – Cork Examiner, Wednesday November 15th 1916


After some initial frustration it was found that she was born Ellen O’Sullivan on 11th May 1874. Her parents were Timothy O’Sullivan and Margaret O’Sullivan (née Shea), of Drominahilla, Drishane. A farmer and land steward.

She had married Michael Evoy in 1898, an RIC Constable in Millstreet at the time. As was normal for safety reasons, RIC officers could not live in the same area as their family (or spouses family), so he was moved to Middleton, where they went on to have six children (born from 1899 to 1914), until Ellie died in 1916.

So what of the farm / family in Millstreet? Ellie’s brother Cornelius continued farming on the home farm, he had a daughter Margaret,  who married Daniel Hickey of Ahane, Cullen (known locally as Dinny Connie Thade’s). The last to hold the farm was Kevin Hickey, who sold it about 20 years ago to Noel C Duggan, which allowed Green Glens and Drishane to be linked together. Kevin sadly passed away only two weeks ago.


Ellie O’Sullivan:

  1. 1874: Birth of Ellen O’Sullivan on 11th May 1874. Parents: Timothy O’Sullivan and Margaret O’Sullivan (née Shea), Drominahilla, Drishane. A farmer and land steward. Registered by John Leader MD [Birth] [baptism]
  2. 1897: Ellie O’Sullivan and Michael Evoy were married at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Millstreet on 23rd November 1897, by Fr. Charles O’Sullivan, in the presence of Nora Sullivan, and Cors Sullivan. Michael was a Bachelor, a Police Constable living in Millstreet, son of Michael Evoy, a farmer from Wexford. Ellie was a spinster from Drominahilla, Millstreet, daughter of Timothy O’Sullivan (deceased), also a farmer [marriage]
  3. 1899: Birth of Michael Evoy – 13th Sept 1899, at Drominahilla. Father living in Ballycotton. [birth] [marriage 1919]
  4. 1901: The family were living in Ballycotton Village [1901 census]
  5. 1902: Timothy Evoy – 24th Sept 1902, at Drominahilla. father in Ballycotton [birth] Joined the Royal Munster Fusiliers 20 Feb 1920 (Service #: 7212539, Occupation: Carman)
  6. 1904: Margaret Mary Evoy – Feb 1904 at Drominahilla. father in Ballycotton [birth] [death 1920]
  7. 1908: John Joseph Evoy – Feb 1908, at Cork Rd., Midleton [birth]
  8. 1909: James Evoy – 25th April 1909, at Cork Rd., Midleton [birth]
  9. 1911: The family were living on the Old Cork Road in Midleton [1911 census]
  10. 1914: Edward born – 20th Feb 1914, at Cork Rd., Midleton [birth]
  11. 1916: Death Registration Cert reads: Death on 11th November 1916 – Ellen Evoy – Married – 40 years old – Wife of Policeman – Scirrhous Cancer of face certified – Michael Evoy son present at death, Cork Road Middleton – registered 14th November by P.J. O’Brien [ref: Death Registration]



Ellie O’Sullivan and Michael Evoy on their Marriage in 1897 [Evoy photos from Midleton]

The evoy home at #1 Old Cork Road, Midleton, where the family lived [maps]
Ellie is not mentioned on the O’Sullivan headstone in Drishane, but it is likely that she is buried here [HistoricGraves]

1890-sullivan-farm-drominahillaThe O’Sullivan farm was at Drominahilla, just off the Station Rd. [1890 map] [google maps]


Michael Evoy:

Michael had been born in 1864 to a farmer in Wexford.

Other than Millstreet & Middleton, we don’t know what other stations he served in.

He retired in July 1920, a constable at Midleton, with a pension of £164:13:4. He had been born in 1864. [Pension Files]

He died on march 6th 1937 at the Mercy Hospital in Cork. Ex RIC Pensioner, aged 74 of Gangrene Diabetis. His son John Joseph Evoy (Old Cork Road, Midleton) was present at death [death]


O’Sullivans of Drominahilla

Mary O’Sullivan (Ellie’s grandmother) died June 2nd 1864 aged 62

Ellen (Ellie’s aunt) died 20th Dec 1868 aged 27

Baptism of Cornelius Sullivan (Ellie’s brother) of Lisatanagree (?) on 19 July 1868 [baptism]

Cornelius O’Sullivan (Ellie’s grandfather) died Nov 6th 1871 Aged 84

Baptism of Michael Sullivan (Ellie’s brother) of Drinahula on 2 October 1870 [baptism]

Baptism of Joannes (John) Sullivan (Ellie’s brother) of Droumnahilla on 20 October 1872 [baptism]

Baptism of Ellena (Ellen) Sullivan (Ellie herself) of Driminihilla on 14 May 1874 [baptism]

Baptism of Daniel Sullivan (Ellie’s brother) of Drimuhila on 20 May 1876 [baptism]

Baptism of Timotheus (Timothy) Sullivan (Ellie’s brother) of Dromnahilla on 27 January 1878 [baptism]

Baptism of Margaret (Margaret) O’Sullivan (Ellie’s sister) of Droumnaluila on 28 November 1880 [baptism]

Ellie’s father Timothy O’Sullivan, Drominahilla, died on October 17th 1895 aged 67 yrs. a farmer married. Hemiplegia 5 years. Son Cors O’Sullivan present at death [death]

O’Sullivans of Drominahilla in the 1901 Census

Marriage of Cornelius OSullivan, a farmer of Millstreet and Helena Hartnett [born 1869], a farmer’s daughter of Derrygallon, Kanturk on 13 October 1905 [marriage]

Margaret Sullivan was born on 28th August 1907 to Cornelius and Ellen (née Hartnett) O’Sullivan, of Drominahilla [birth]

O’Sullivans of Drominahilla in the 1911 Census

Margaret Sullivan (mother of Ellie), of Drominahilla, Drishane died on 4th May 1911 – 66 Years – Widow of Timothy Sullivan, a farmer – Cebral Hemmorage – Corns Sullivan son present at death Drominahilla – registered by RR Leader [death]

Margaret O’Sullivan (daughter of Cornelius of Dominahilla) married Daniel Hickey of Ahane in 1937 [marriage]

Cornelius O’Sullivan Drominahilla died in 1945 – daughter Margaret Hickey present at death [death]


With thanks to Tim for his help linking people together this article.



RUNAWAY PONY AT MIDLETON, A few evenings ago a pony harnessed to a trap which was was occupied by two ladies being driven through the Main Street, Midleton. The pony suddenly shied and dashed through the main street. Luckily enough Constable M. Evoy and constable W. J. O’Keeffe were on patrol in the Main street street. When the pony, which was very badly harnessed was passing them, they succeeded in stopping the animal. At the time there was a large number of people in the town, and were it not for the courage and activity displayed by the constables serious injuries micht have been inflicted on the two ladies in the car as well as those in the street at the time.(Cork Examiner – Saturday 13 August 1910)



Loose Ends

Q. Is the Constable John Evoy he is with in 1911 in Coachford any relation to Constable Michael Evoy that was previously in Millstreet?

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  1. As the great great granddaughter of Ellen and Michael Evoy, I cannot thank you enough for your research and publication.

  2. As family history is lost through each generation, it was wonderful to read and learn about Ellie and the O’Sullivans. I knew she died young but was not aware of her condition but am comforted that she was celebrated. I know her absence was very much felt by my grandfather, Edward, when he was growing up. Thank you from her great grand daughter in London.

  3. Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas.
    I really do appreciate all of your work and look forward to thanking you in person one day.
    Stay safe.
    Deborah Reid (nee Evoy)

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