Splendid Millstreet Community Council Calendar 2017 Now On Sale

Launched at Millstreet Christmas Market on Sunday 27th Nov. 2016 the magnificent Millstreet Calendar 2017 produced by Millstreet Community Council and coordinated by Justin Black of Justborn Photography, West End, Millstreet – is this year in support of Millstreet Pipe Band and Millstreet Mens’ Shed.  It costs €5.00 and is an ideal Christmas gift enhancing your overall Christmas Giving.   The wonderfully colourful Calendar features the photography of a range of creative Photographers including Justin Black, Geraldine Dennehy, Pat Golden, John Tarrant and Seán Radley.  We encourage you to buy many to send to your relatives and friends at home and abroad.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)1mcc-millstreet-calendar-2017-1000 2mcc-millstreet-calendar-2017-1000 3mcc-millstreet-calendar-2017-1000 4mcc-millstreet-calendar-2017-1000 1611270037-1000

11 thoughts on “Splendid Millstreet Community Council Calendar 2017 Now On Sale”

  1. Sean,
    How can I get some calendars shipped to the U.S. ? I am willing to pay for the shipping along with the cost of the calendars.

    1. Patrick…That’s no problem. Please indicate how many you wish to have posted to the USA and I shall arrange to send them to your address. Delighted that you wish to share the Millstreet Calendar 2017 with your many relatives and friends.

      1. Sean,
        I want ten calendars. I will drop the Euros in the Post tomorrow. They will make great Christmas gifts for my family.

  2. Last year I ordered one and I received it in good time. I sent cash by mail and it arrived safely. Would the same thing work this year? Any chance of using a credit card for this transaction?

  3. Hello Sean,
    I would also love to have 4 calendars shipped to me in the U. S. and will pay for the calendars and shipping costs. I wonder if you prefer I send cash or if you want a credit card instead? You can email me to let me know what I need to do to accomplish this. Thank you so much for your time and assistance.

    1. Anne & Sue … I shall be checking for advice from our Post Office to determine how best to proceed regarding the sending of the Millstreet Calendars abroad. Thank you for showing such sincere interest in this annual project.

  4. Sean, thanks for the help. I have some euro’s at home so I will be able to get some money into the Post in a couple days.

  5. Hi, Sean,
    I met you several years ago when my sisters and I were visiting from the US, and you so graciously gave us a tour of Millstreet, where our grandfather was born and raised.
    I would be very interested in purchasing 3 calendars with shipping to the US, if possible. Can you please advise?

    PS – I really enjoy checking on this website from time to time. We cannot wait to come back again!

    Thanks, and best wishes,
    Martha Cronin

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