“Where The Road Takes Me” This Sunday at 7pm Features Road Bowling

We thank John Greene, radio presenter supreme for the following advance information re Sunday’s “Where the Road Takes Me” programme:

In the first of a two part programme on Where the road takes me this week, John Greene takes a look at the old Irish traditional sport of road bowling.

We look back on some of the memorable senior All Ireland finals, like the 1964 final in Dublin Hill and the ’65 final in Armagh.

We examine the bowling ties between Cork and Armagh which began in 1963.

We meet Noel Magnier, the author of a new book entitled ‘Mick Barry – The bowler of all time’

We delve into the archives to hear an interview recorded twelve years ago with the late Mick Barry, who of course tells us about how he lofted the Chetwynd Viaduct on the Cork Bandon Road back in 1955.

Noel Magnier gives us his take on that famous event, but says that the acknowledged achievement belongs to a German


We pay a visit to the old Clancool bowling road in Bandon, which once hosted many exciting senior scores, and was referred to as ‘The Croke Park of Bowling’.

Where the road takes me goes to air this Sunday evening at 7pm – on C103.


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