J.J. O’Mahony’s, General Merchant, West End

1909 JJ O'Mahony Shop - West End Millstreet

A photo of J.J O’Mahony’s General Hardware store c.1909. Photo from the Lawrence Collection [ref]


Some notes on the O’Mahonys

James O’Mahony ran a hardware shop at the West End in Millstreet, where where the Murphy’s (Shamrock’s) now live (since 1988). Recent others there were Jimmy Cronin shop (1980s) and previously Nagles Bakery. In the 1800’s we think it was part of the Police barrack (between the 1830s and about 1890) [GMaps]

He is listed in the 1901 Census as being the head of the family and as having a “General Provision and Hardware Merchant” – which had two workers and two apprentices, all of which were listed as shoemakers!

In the 1911 Census, he is no longer the  head of the family, and was 14 years older than in 1901!

In later years (1940s), the sign over the door read “J O’Mahony”, or “JJ O’Mahony”, that being “John J” who had taken over the business. (see the photo of the shop from 1910 below)

Around 1952, a daughter (or granddaughter?) of his Maureen (a hairdresser) was killed at Rathbeg in a motor accident when the car hit a ditch.

– we don’t really know anything else about this James O’Mahony. It would be interesting if others would let us know if they recognise him.



the family in the hardware shop were.

Marriage of James Mahony of Millstreet and Honora Regan of Clarclea on February 16th 1868, by Fr William Horgan, witnessed by Denis O’Sullivan and Daniel O’Leary. He a shoemaker from Millstreet, son of John Mahony a shoemaker and Hanna Guinea. She a spinster from Claratlea, daughter of Pat Regan a farmer and Mary Moynihan [Church Marriage]

  1. John O’Mahony born 4th January 1870 at Coomlogane. Father James a Shoemaker [baptism] [birth]
  2. Patrick O’Mahony, born 30 May 1872 in Millstreet. A shoemaker [baptism] [birth] [death (possible)]. Patrick likely died as an infant in the first quarter of 1873.
  3. Mary Ellen O’Mahony, born 1 November 1873 in Millstreet, father a shoemaker [baptism] [birth]
  4. James Mahony 8th September 1885 at Coomlogane, a shoemaker [baptism][birth]. Likely died soon after birth.
  5. Johanna Maria (Maria) 3 September 1876, a shoemaker  [baptism] [birth]
  6. Honoria (Hanna), born 16 December 1879  [baptism] [birth]

TODO… still working on finding 1 more birth, and deaths of 3 more (in 1911 it says that James and Hanoria had 7 children, of which 3 were living. The Three living (listed above) are)


1901 Census: Residents of house 6 in Coomlogane Street, Coomlogane, Cork.
All Roman Catholic, all can read and write except the father James and workman Philip Smith. Only James and Hanoria are married. The house had about 8 rooms and 6 windows in front. There was also a store house and a piggery at the rear. In fact, most of the houses seemed to have a piggery at the rear.

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Occupation
O’Mahony James J 59 Male Head of Family General Provision and Hardware Merchant
(can read only)
O’Mahony Hanoria 53 Female Wife Housewife
O’Mahony John 28 Male Son Shop Assistant
O’Mahony Mary E 24 Female Daughter Shop Assistant
O’Mahony Hanna N 22 Female Daughter Shop Assistant
Smyth Philip 63 Male Workman Shoemaker
Murphy Timothy 21 Male Workman Shoemaker
Kelleher William 19 Male Apprentice Shoemaker
Doherty Daniel 16 Male Apprentice Shoemaker

Marriage of JOHN MAHONY and JANE QUINLAN on 7th June 1910 at Derinagree Church, by Fr. P White PP. He a shopkeeper son of James Mahony a shopkeeper. She a shopkeeper  of (do.?) and Derinagree, daughter of William and Hanna Quinlan  farmer or Island House, Derinagree. Witnessed by Denis Declan O’Mahony, Macroom, and Helena Dennehy, Millstreet.

1911 Census: Residents of a house 24 in Coomlogane Street, Coomlogane (DED), Cork. John J and Janie are only married under a year. They are now down to 5-6 rooms and now have 5 windows in front (one less that 1901). (maybe the shop was enlarged, taking an extra room.

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Occupation
O Mahoney John J 39 Male Head of Family
41 yrs married
General Merchant
O Mahoney Janie 30 Female Wife –
7 children, 3 alive
O Mahoney James 73 Male Father
O Mahoney Hanora 73 Female Mother
O Mahoney Mary Ellen 32 Female Sister
O Shea Abina 23 Female Servant
Domestic Servant

(the ages are way out in the census papers! Probably to do with literacy issues)

Signature of John J O’Mahony for the 1911 census


Children of John J O’Mahony and Jane Quinlan:

  1. Birth of HONOR MARY O MAHONY on 08 April 1911 at West End – Merchant
  2. Birth of JAMES FRANCIS O MAHONY on 25 August 1913 at West End – gereral merchant
  3. Birth of WILLIAM O MAHONY on 07 May 1915 at West End – general merchant
  4. Birth of JOAN IRENE O MAHONY on 22 October 1916 at West End, General Merchant

TODO: what happened to these children?

Death of Honoria OMahony on 28th July 1912, married, 75 years, wife of James John OMahony merchant, Diabetes years no medical attention, John OMahony son present at the death West End Millstreet

Death of James John O’Mahony on February 16th 1917 at West End, widower, 79 years, merchant, broncho-Pneumonia 12 days. John J O’Mahony present at death.


Note: This article is spawned from a previous incorrect one where we thought James O’Mahony of West End was the one that died at Easter 1916.


TODO: There is another photo of the shop at west end in Picture Millstreet

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