Pearl Jam at Green Glens

This day 20 years ago Pearl Jam played a concert at the Green Glens in Millstreet, as part of their No Code Tour. Apparently they played a superb gig on the night.

Set list: 1. Sometimes 2. Last Exit 3. Spin The Black Circle 4. Hail, Hail 5. Tremor Christ 6. In My Tree 7. Corduroy 8. Better Man 9. Not For You 10. Animal 11. Dissident 12 Daughter 13. Bull in The Heather 14. W.M.A. 15. Habit 16. Rearviewmirror 17. Jeremy 18. Alive 19. Porch
Encore: 1. I Got Id 2. Lukin 3. Even Flow 4. Present Tense 5. Yellow Ledbetter

1 thought on “Pearl Jam at Green Glens”

  1. Amazing gig. I remember watching the the stage trucks driving past the community school library (where we were meant to be studying) myself n J.P Kiely who was a massive fan of Pearl Jam. I couldn’t wait for the concert. Great times. Brian.

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