O’Leary Letter from Adrivale – December 1918 (2nd of 3)

At the end of 1918, World War I was just over to the relief of all. Delivery of letters over and back across the atlantic returned to normality, and Patrick O’Leary of Adrivale wrote letters to his sister and brother in America, giving them the news of Ireland and his reaction to hearing that his nephew Patsy from Ohio was among the troops in France. Below is the second of three letters sent to us by Patsy’s grandson Patrick O’Leary, which was written to his sister Sister Mary Francis in the US.
As it happens Patrick arrived in Ireland today for the O’Leary Clan Gathering in Ballyvourney this week.
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Letter 1 of the series can be read here

=== TEXT ===

Adrivale Millstreet
Co.Cork Ireland
Dec 23rd 1918

My Dear Sister
I received your ____________ay I was _____ _____ _____ my dear little nephew being in France since last July without I getting one word about him.
I well know it troubled his Father very much to part with him for the miseries of France was never made known in any paper. I was speaking to an Australian soldier an Irishman his experience was dreadful. Well Sister I suppose you would be surprised to hear that Ireland was never richer than it is at present although conscription was passed for Ireland twelve months ago it was not put in force. England was afraid they should face another front they send all the Irish Regiments to England and brought English Soldiers here. That did not frighten the Irish. They were as well prepared as the soldiers. Where they got them is not known. I h___ ___ they were distributed in Coffins by motorcars. The Irish plans beat the world. Ireland was not for Germany more than England and France they got what they richly deserved. They did not believe there was a God or even the word of God should not be spoken of in France. They would get more only for America siding with them. Ireland did not duffer anything during the war, there was plenty food and plenty _____ but of course in Citys ____or with large family it was hard in them. Sister Mary is well I will get ?????s children to write to you as soon as I will see them. Give my love and best wishes to brother go__ and send me Patsy’s letter. I do hope ___ is safe over the war. with good love and best wishes for a happy Christmas & a holy & a happy new year.
I remain your fond brother

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