Visiting Millstreet from Florida

Dave and Terry Anne
Dave and Terry Anne

Florida residents, Dave and Terry Anne visited Millstreet in April on historical trip and with the intention on being in Dublin for the Easter Rising Commemorations. Dave is a cousin of Hollywood actor Brian Dennehy, and they share the same links to Millstreet – the home of their grandfather. They stayed in the Wallis Arms overnight, met with Seán Radley, visited the Bridge Bar, and got in a few more local spots. Now they have gone and made a photo journal book of the trip, called “A Return for History”, which gives an insight no how others see us Irish. The book is viewable online, with the overview of the book here, and the book preview is here (Millstreet is at day 8 april 22nd).

In 2014 they visited Millstreet for the first time, and again produced a  photo book of their trip called “Our Pilgrimage to Eire”. Again the book is online with the overview here, and the preview here (Millstreet is at day 17 – page 61).


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