Denis O’Mahony

toclarDenis O’Mahony the Inchaleigh mountain climber the man who has climbed to the summit of many a hill
In his early to his mid sixties as is said time does not stand still
He has a passion for hill climbing the steep heights he does not fear
He has been climbing mountains for many a year

One of the O’Mahonys of Clara he first climbed Clara mountain as a young boy
He has climbed many higher peaks since then the challenge of the climb he enjoy
The man who does love climbing mountains though his best days in the forever gone
But age does not weary brave Denis the man who does keep climbing on

Born and raised in the shadows of Clara a mile from Millstreet Town
To be Duhallow’s leading mountaineer his claim to renown
As a climber of high peaks he is known far and wide
Beyond the green borders of his home countryside

Everyone is good at doing something those wise words i recall
Some are good at sports and some are good at football
As a great mountaineer Denis O’Mahony is well known
There is truth in the old saying of each to their own

For his mountaineering skills his reputation is growing
Now into his sixties and he is not slowing
He does not fear the steep climb where the ground it is rough
Denis O’Mahony seems to like it when the going does get tough.

“Denis O’Mahony” is by Francis Duggan




Denis O’Mahony’s 5 Peaks Challenge with The Hard Cores – Kanturk Hillwalkers and Mountain Climbers



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