Moving our Facebook Home

fb_chgNot that we wanted to, but because Facebook insisted 🙁

Our old home on Facebook ( was shut down without any notice, they disabled the account and have deleted all out posts and photos, and gave us the option of turning  into a community page, or complete extermination.

… so we chose the community page option (, and thankfully we get to keep our 3,800 friends but as followers.

So we’re now having to start out nearly from scratch. Be patient please, and hopefully we’ll get through it without too many problems ! – michael

3 thoughts on “Moving our Facebook Home”

  1. I think facebook has no right whatsoever to do this surly to god you wont lose all the photos etc: have you got the backup hard drives as you can download them even if you have gone over them.This can be done as you know and install 3 terrabyte backup hard drives.If anyone can do it you can.I think its a cheek putting it politely Facebook forgot one major thing we are IRISH and will NOT be beat by anyone.

  2. thanks Andrew, facebook will do whatever they want, they’re they are not a charity, and technically i suppose they were right.
    the page was set up incorrectly initially (2009), and has remained aas it was since.
    the change makes things a little more awkward for administrating, we’ve lost some data and privelidges, but most of the data is on anyway.
    actually the change seems not too bad, and hopefully people haven’t noticed much of a difference.

  3. dear Michael things are not as bad as I thought,as when I think of all the hard work that you and everyone has done getting everything up and running and it makes me proud of you all I was worried,it was like being an expectant father of all my four daughters all over again and the grandchildren all eight and counting ha ha, so good luck, god bless andrew

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