April Snow, Flooding, and Rainbows

We knew it was going to be bad yesterday, but few expected it to be that bad. Heavy snow in the morning, made things awkward, but it  turned to constant heavy rain at midday which washed away the snow, and the afternoon was just streams of water flowing in every direction. Sure, summer is coming, isn’t it …

2016-04-10 Snow - Ballydaly this morning - photo by Geraldine-800Blanket of snow in Ballydaly yesterday morning – photo Geraldine Dennehy

2016-04-11 Keale Bridge - Water Height

Even though it had been raining much of the week, the water height at Keale Bridge remained low enough, but it really jumped up yesterday evening, and was just below the peak for the winter at 10pm. [from the Water Gauge at Keale Bridge] … Flooding in Mallow this morning though

2016-04-09 Double Rainbow over LackabaneDouble rainbows over Lackabane on Saturday evening – photo by Aleksandra. Little did we know what was coming.


All the same we didn’t get the flooding that they got in Cork City and East Cork …









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