Planning sought for Upmarket High Rise Apartment Block

Browsing through the planning applications on the Cork County Council website yesterday, we were shocked to see a pre-planning application sought for an ‘upmarket nine storey apartment block with underground parking’, on the site of the site of the car park at the back of the old Spar shop on Main Street. The large retail unit has been on sale for a number of months now (see here), so it looks like someone may have redevelopment plans. It may be a reaction to the current shortage of residental rental properties in Millstreet where it seems nigh impossible to rent a house or apartment in town (thus expected rental occupancy rates would be very high). However ‘visual impact’ and it being ‘outside local planning guidelines’ are two of the concerns mentioned in the file. An artists impression of the new apartment block (seen below) is from the file, and it and other details can be viewed through the Planning Enquiry System on the Cork County Council website. The photo unfortunately shows how it would dwarf all other buildings in town 🙁

2016-04-01 New high rise apartment block for Millstreet

A little used car park, for those that don’t know where it is, we’ve outlined it in the below satelite view of town:

2016-04-01 New high rise apartment block for Millstreet 03-600


8 thoughts on “Planning sought for Upmarket High Rise Apartment Block”

  1. Don’t think that will ever get planning permission because it’s too high and would make take-off and landing dangerous at the new airport which is being planned for Lough Bog.

  2. Meeting in the hall arranged for 7.30 this evening to oppose this planning. Please could as many people as possible attend.


  3. So, who applied for the planning permits for this completely “out of character” structure for the lovely town of Millstreet?

  4. Yes, it would definitely interfere with the planned airport at Lough Bog, that will be a great addition to the town and with a 10 minute flight to Scartaglen what’s not to like about this!

  5. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s April 2nd now, so I have to own up to it being pure fiction. I know a few people were caught, hopefully they took it in good stead.

    To all the people that commented that it was an April Fools but their comments weren’t published, i apologise but it would only have spoiled it for others.

    as side notes:

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned Billy in the bottom corner of the photo, though someone did text me “is it the gardai that are developing the building in conjunction with Donald Trump?”

    The original photo is from Google Street View here:

    … until next year 😉

    “Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not – Vaclav Havel

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