Last Snow of the Winter ?

A week ago there was a sudden and unexpected heavy snowfall which blanketed the area, especially Mushera which got a good deep cover. While it’s lovely to look at, hopefully it will be the last one of the year, and that the weather will pick up, after what has been an awful winter. (With thanks to Paul/Noreen O’Connor who took the 30+ photos below at dawn last Sunday in the Mushera / Knocknakilla area).



DSC00651-800 DSC00667-800 DSC00679-800 DSC00681-800 DSC00693-800 DSC00695-800 DSC00697-800 DSC00707-800 DSC00718-800 DSC00720-800 DSC00428-800 DSC00444-800 DSC00452-800 DSC00493-800 DSC00506-800 DSC00510-800 DSC00513-800 DSC00522-800 DSC00529-800 DSC00544-800 DSC00545-800 DSC00548-800 DSC00550-800  DSC00565-800 DSC00604-800 DSC00606-800 DSC00616-800  DSC00633-800 DSC00640-800 DSC00642-800 DSC00650-800

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