Who Will You Vote for in the General Election 2016 ?

2016 Cork North West Constituency MapTomorrow, Friday the 26th of February is General Election day when the people take to the polling booths to make their choices as to who the want to represent them locally, and indirectly what party / parties will make up the 32nd Dáil.

So we’re asking who will you vote for in Cork North West tomorrow?

  • the poll is anonymous
  • you can choose up to three candidates from the list below
  • more detail on each candidate can is can be seen in a previous article (here)

Update: 26th Feb: Thanks to all those that voted in our poll. The poll closed before voting started this morning. It makes for interesting reading, as previous polls we did happened to be very accurate. We’ll see what happenens in the real thing!

[poll id=”13″]

2 thoughts on “Who Will You Vote for in the General Election 2016 ?”

  1. We need a change from this fg/labour government as they have caused so much hardship for the less well off citizens of this country

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