Book Launch: Ready, Willing, Waiting. Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Rathduane Irish Volunteers 1916

2016-03-09 Millstreet Monumet Commitee - Book Launch - Ready Willing Waiting - posterOn March 9th, Millstreet Monument Committee will host a talk entitled ‘Order, Counter-order, Disorder Easter 1916 in Cork’ delivered by Gerry White. Gerry is an author and military historian.  Along with Brendan O’Shea he has co-written ‘The Burning of Cork’ and ‘Baptised in Blood – The Formation of the Cork Brigade of Irish Volunteers ’. another book entitled ‘A Great Sacrifice: Cork Servicemen who died in the Great War’ was published following a detailed study conducted by both men which focused on Cork city and country in which they identified at least 3,784 people from the area who lost their lives in the Great War. He is an annual contributor to the ‘Holly Bough’ and also contributes to the Evening Echo and Cork Examiner. His talk will focus on The Cork Brigade and their mobilisation during Easter Week 1916.

On the same night (8pm March 9th 2016) The Committee will launch their publication written by Noreen Meaney entitled ‘Ready Willing Waiting: Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Millstreet Irish Volunteers 1916.’ The book tells the story of the formation of the four Companies of Irish Volunteers who mobilised on Easter Sunday 23 April 1916, their activities in Millstreet while the Rising continued in
Dublin and the consequences for their actions before and during the insurrection as some Irish Volunteers were arrested and imprisoned in Frongoch. While compiling this publication the Committee researched the identity of all the Volunteers and have listed their addresses which were not included in the Military Bureau Witness Statements when giving a written account for this 1916 period. For the first time all the Irish Volunteers from the Keale Company have been identified with accompanying addresses. The publication includes an interesting selection of documents relating to the four companies for this period plus photos of the Volunteers contributed by their families. We are delighted to have Conor Nelligan, Heritage Officer with Cork County Council launch our book. All are welcome on the night.

8pm March 9th 2016 in the Wallis Arms Hotel, Millstreet

3 thoughts on “Book Launch: Ready, Willing, Waiting. Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Rathduane Irish Volunteers 1916”

  1. Title should read:
    Ready, Willing, Waiting,
    Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Rathduane
    Irish Volunteers

    1. Hi Noreen

      Congratulations. Well done. Is the book available in Dublin or is it just in Cork. Where can I get a copy? Can I order it on-line.

      Say hello to all,


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