Abandoned: Altamount House

Resting on the edge of Millstreet Town, Altamount House is a big old house that dates back to the 18th century. It has had several owners but has not been lived in for over twenty years, and has nearly totally fallen down. Originally an estate house, it was made into an emergency hospital during the famine in the 1840s and massively extended at the time to include a courtyard in the middle. It is sad to see such a fine building being taken over by nature. Photos below thanks to Ola Cashman.


2016-01-10 Altamount House_0068
North exterior
1909 Altamount House
Altamount House in 1909

2016-01-10 Altamount House_0046
Southern side of the house
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0050
Inside of the southern side of the house
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0052
Porch window
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0055
Inside of the north of the house
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0056
The main porch and entrance door
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0058
Hanging fireplace in the north side of the house
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0062
Side entrance
2016-01-10 Altamount House_9992
Southern elevation
2016-01-10 Altamount House_9995
Built into the hill
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0018
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0028
Blue door in the east rooms
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0034
Looking up in the courtyard
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0036
Blue window in the east wing
2016-01-10 Altamount House_0039
The side and rear of the house was cleverly obscured by parallel walls that still allowed for access


1909 Ladies seated outside Altamount House- Mrs O'Callaghan is seated in the middle
Close up of the  ladies seated outside Altamount House (from the old photo above) – Mrs O’Callaghan is seated in the middle
1840 Altamount House map
1840 Altamount House map


1900 Altamount House map
1900 Altamount House map


Update August 2019: The house has been felled and is now gone. The latest owners have cleared the site in full and are turning it into grazing ground 🙁

This heap of stone is what remains of Altamount House (2019-10-20 – taken from Murphy’s Terrace)

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