By The Mountain Of Clara Today

The cattle in the farmyard sheds bellowing for silage or hay
It is cold and wet by the Mountain of Clara today
The weather temperature a chilly minus three degrees
And the cold wind is soughing in bare deciduous trees

In the old rushy fields west of Millstreet Town
Every waterway bank high in flood waters of brown
Where grass growth is dormant not any wildflowers
And nothing does grow in cold January showers

Searching for food in every back yard
For the birds of Nature times are hungry and hard
In the gray and bleak twilight on the field by the hill
The cry of the hungry fox sounding so shrill

In Ireland in January the weather far from fine
In the overcast sky the sun seldom does shine
At least twelve weeks from the prime of the Spring
When the nest building songbirds will whistle and sing

Storm water overflowing in every roadside drain
And howling in the bare trees the wild gales of rain
And the rain drizzling down from the low clouds of gray
It is cold and wet by the Mountain of Clara today.

“By The Mountain Of Clara Today” is by Francis Duggan


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