People’s Climate Change March in Cork, Sunday 29th Nov. starting at 2pm

climate change march posterA number of organisations, including Trocaire have organised a march to mark the beginning of the Climate Change Conference (COP 21) which will begin at the start of December 2015 in Paris.  It will be the largest gathering of world leaders for such a gathering.  Among the aims of the conference is the agreement on legally binding targets for all countries to adhere to with regards the level of carbon emissions they are responsible for.  Marches will be taking place in Dublin, Belfast as well as Cork on Sunday 29th November to show the leaders attending the conference that ordinary people want them to set these targets and to take meaningful steps towards counteracting the causes of global warming, the effects of which have a particularly devastating impact on poor communities in developing countries.

This is a reminder that the People’s Climate March in Cork City will begin at 2pm on Sunday 29th November where the Grand Parade and Oliver Plunkett Street intersect.  It’s an event for all ages.

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  1. This is very hopeful- good air and drinking water is in the interest of every living person animal and plant on the planet. According to Avaaz, the online global advocacy group, the threat to these vital elements is accelerating with the uncovering of methane plumes by retreating ice. Human survival is in a “tipping point”like never before. I want our children and grandchildren to be spared the awful consequences. So far our leaders are not exercised by our dilemma. We the people need to wake them up. The science stares us in the face! No more head in the sand (which is heating up!) before it’s too late. March on Sunday! Be counted! Please!

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