Ssssshhhhh !

Julia going Ssssshhhhh to her Mum_-1000 On Wednesday morning, keen photographer Aleksandra Cashman was on TV3’s Ireland AM Camera Club Final for September, with presenter Mark Cagney and competition judge Jenny McCarthy. Her photo (above) was of her daughter Julia telling her mum to Ssssshhhhh as she tried to put her baby doll to sleep in her buggy. In any event it was won by a beautiful photo of a horse with it’s head in a bedroom window having it’s nose rubbed by a little girl, but Ola was delighted to be there in any case. See the video on the TV3 Player.

2015-09-30 Ola on the Ireland AM Camera Club on TV3 03

2015-09-30 Ola on the Ireland AM Camera Club on TV3


The winning photo for September’s Camera Club was by Ger Hogan from Tipperary

5 thoughts on “Ssssshhhhh !”

  1. Sincere congratulations, Ola, on your superb appearance on TV3’s “Ireland AM”. The title to the magnificent photograph is so very appropriate. The black-and-white format is ideal where (as the television Presenter indicated) total focus is on Julia. You captured such a truly precious and wonderfully natural moment in time. Continuing success in the world of creative photography, Ola. And, of course, many thanks to Michael for uploading such a splendidly comprehensive feature on our website.

  2. Jane, Geraldine, Seán, thank you for your very kind words and congratulations. I’m very happy to be one of the three finalists. I never expected my photo to be chosen so quickly as it was only the second time I submitted a photo to TV3 competition.

  3. what a fantastic photo ger well done reminds me of our pony called molly when I was about 7 and sometimes I would sneek a small handful of hay into our front parlour and coax molly up the garden path for a nibble and stroke while standing on granmas special chairs as I thought she was out back doing the chickens but I was caught red handed and needless to say she gave me good hiding with the “dreaded broom” but I did get to stroke molly but never again did I try it with the fear of granmas weapon its amazing how a beautiful photo can bring back beautiful memories kindest regards from Andrew sheehan

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