Steven’s Speech to the UCC Philosophical Society

Steven O’ Riordan Cork North West Independent Candidate speaking to the UCC Philosophical Society on the topic of “Should we re-elect the Government” on Monday night (Sept 21st). If you like what you hear get in touch with Steven @ <email>

2 thoughts on “Steven’s Speech to the UCC Philosophical Society”

  1. A candidate for the next Irish General Election in Cork North West and a political stand out
    This young Millstreet man Steven O’ Riordan does not leave anyone in doubt
    Whom his allegiances are with a fact he does not hide
    Society’s ignored and marginalized can count on Steven on their side

    Few Independent left wing politicians have ever made it to Ireland’s Dail
    The three seats in Cork North West held by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail
    For Steven for to win a seat it would be a huge achievement indeed
    Though of more politicians like him every Country is in need

    At his speech online at U C C i could only feel impressed
    The needs of his less privileged constituents by him passionately addressed
    The World better to live in when people like him do succeed
    Of change much for the better his kind always sow the seed

    In a constituency where people in their political views never change that much at all
    Steven’s hopes of winning a seat to say the least seems small
    But i feel this is a pity and i only hope he beats the odds
    As they do need good friends in Cork North West the children of the lesser gods

    Where most people vote as their parents did and who advise them from the grave
    For to enter politics as a socialist independent one would have to be quite brave
    There is more to Steven O’ Riordan than an older brother of the World famous Joanne
    It surely can be said of him that he is his own man.

    “On Steven O’ Riordan” is by Francis Duggan


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