The Young Rose Of Old Lisnaboy

Good memories remain to her a source of joy
Of when she was the young Rose of old Lisnaboy
When her shoulder length dark hair had a glossy sheen
Some of the bigger World out there since then she has seen

A young beauty of eyes blue as a ripened sloe
But going back in time this now seems long ago
With dark hair dyes nowadays she cloaks her gray
And she use anti aging creams to smooth hand neck and face wrinkles away

Far from Duhallow a mother, grandmother and to an aging man an aging wife
One can say she has seen her better days in life
She left green Duhallow when in her life’s prime
And this is going back many Seasons in time

In the countryside in view of Clara, Caherbarnagh and the Paps of Shrone
And old Gortavehy in it’s face of stone
To many she would be a stranger today
The years go by quickly and time ticks away

Good memories of what was with her does remain
And in fancy she walks on the bohreen again
Where a carefree existence she did enjoy
When she was the young Rose of old Lisnaboy.

“The Young Rose Of Old Lisnaboy” is by Francis Duggan

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