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route66-beginIn the last few months Ann Lane has begun to publish articles on her travels and journeys around the world. She has writel travel articles in the past and has always had her camera at the ready.

Over the weekend she wrote of the start of her trip across Route 66, and she also has articles on trips to Nepal and Everest, Tromso and the Northern Lights, the Trail of Tears, and more.

They are all very interesting articles, and they can be seen at

Ann’s latest book titled “The Moment and the Day: Archives and Anecdotes” was released in May 2014, and is a photographic collection of photos of people from her travels from the last 50 years who, at one time or another, were prominently involved in the history of that era or event.


Ann Lane (her blog)

Ann is originally from Ballinatona, Millstreet. She was the personal secretary for Mary Robinson as a senator, and later as President of Ireland.

She is very active on twitter as @laoghain

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