2 thoughts on “Re-Scheduled Open-Air Dancing at Mushera Platform next Sunday Afternoon August 30”

  1. Hi Micheal !
    I failed to locate the platform at Mushera last Sunday,
    I passed the Country Park entrance but, couldn’t find any of the platform?
    I did see a lot of vehicles parked at the side of the road but, there were no people around,
    I thought that might belong to a car dealer,
    So I took it that the event had been cancelled ?
    I would like to know if I was in the right area ?
    A sign would be a big help in locating the platform
    especially for us first timers !
    I’m real keen to take up the dancing, and was there any other venues around in the evenings ?
    Looking forward next Sunday !
    Thanks for your assistance and cooperation.
    Regards, Donal

    1. Donal, see the map below. i can’t explain it any better. it’s hard to see as it’s flat at ground level, but there may be a truck up there for the band.

      Yes the event was cancelled. i’ve never heard of car dealers up there, but maybe they do. the cars at the side of the road may have been people there for the dance, or they could have been walkers, it’s hard to know.

      Yes they could do with a sign.

      Dancing: 9:15pm every monday night in Aubane Community Centre, starting from September 21st until May next year.

      hope that helps

      Map to Mushera Dancing Platform

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