Day to Night – from Clara

Millstreet day and night - composite 02eWith nice weather today, lots of people went up Clara, and some more were up tonight to view the Perseid meteor shower. Above is the transformation from day to night.

It was an excellent evening for seeing the shooting stars tonight, a clear sky and no sign of the moon. With a little patience there were lots of meteorites to see in the sky.

Getting your bearingsIn the photo above:

  • the one bright light to the left of the screen is Green Glens (it’s Horse Show week),
  • the three or four bright lights to the bottom right is Alps, and
  • the bright line of lights from left to right in the middle of the photo are the street lights from the Clara Road to the Square.

Pictures above were by Denise and Siobháin

2 thoughts on “Day to Night – from Clara”

  1. On the slopes of Clara Mountain in the gray of the twilight after sundown
    I often gazed upon the darkening fields and the lights of Millstreet Town
    In the high woodland of Claramore the nesting birds did sing
    I only have the good memories of what is a long gone Spring

    I only have the mental images of the beauty i have seen
    But good memories last a lifetime and in the mind stay evergreen
    In a Spring gloam on Clara Mountain time for me seems to stand still
    As the gathering clouds of twilight slowly darken the old hill

    Like all migrants i only have good memories that remain enjoyable to me
    Of the things that brought me pleasure in the long gone what used to be
    Save for the bleating of the hill sheep the silence was profound
    Above the darkening countryside viewed from the higher ground

    Those who never yearned for travel i do envy in a way
    They are happy for to grow old in where they first saw light of day
    In familiar surroundings among people they know well
    You do not have to travel distance to have life stories to tell

    In the high wood of Claramore in the twilight of the day
    The nesting birds are singing in the prime of Spring in May
    On the slopes of Clara Mountain in the gray after sundown
    Overlooking the darkening fields and the lights of Millstreet Town.

    “On the Slopes Of Clara Mountain” is by Francis Duggan


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