Death of Constable Dineen

1897-08-17 Death of Constable Dineen in Limerick-600

Death of a Police Constable. – Constable Dineen, who was stationed at Caherconlish (Co. Limerick) was admitted to the County Infirmary some days ago suffering from an internal disease. An operation was performed on him yesterday as the only hope for his recovery, by Doctors Gelston, Helmes, Fogerty, and Mulcahy, but not withstanding he died this morning, The deceased was a native of Millstreet, Cork, and had served sixteen years in the force. He was a very popular policeman, having been a favourite with his colleagues, as well as with all classes of the public whose aquaintance he had made. The remains will be conveyed to Cork tomorrow for interment.

– from the Limerick Chronicle 17th August 1897.

Intriguingly, no first name was given for the RIC Constable.


7th Jan 1897, Constable Dan Dineen was a witness to a stabbing case at the petty sessions court in Rathkeale

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  1. R.I.P. Patrick. He was a very well travelled man. They say its a small world that’s true as the Murphy family just up the road where I grew up in Ballydaly, they lived nearly in each others houses were related to the Mangan family from limerick, and it was superintendent Mangan who was Constable Dineens mentor it was through superintendent Mangans advice he later joined the guards. In the very early days when super intendent Mangan would visit Ballydaly, although I was very young this would be in the mid fiftys, I always remember Mangan invite Seargent Coffee from Millstreet guards over to the Murphys for a couple or few of glasses of that very strong liquid stuff in case they might get dehydrated don’t you know, great memories. A lot of the lads behaved themselves as they lived in fear of Seargent Coffee.

  2. I believe an error was made in the previous comment as this to my knowledge was my grand uncle Constable Dan Dineen native of Carraigacooleen. He died in his 30’s from appendicitis 3 weeks before he was due to marry a Miss Cowee. He is buried in Drishane cemetery.

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