It’s Referendum Day – now get out and Vote !

Laura Cronin who is flying home from Amsterdam to vote in the Referendums
Laura Cronin is flying home from Amsterdam to vote in the Referendums
(photo from the Irish Independent)

Our vote at Referendums and Elections are the only way us ordinary people have to influence the direction of our country. Yet at the last referendum, only 39% of voters turned up to vote on the “Abolition of the Seanad”.

We would encourage everyone to cast their vote today on the “Marriage Referendum” and on the “Age of Presidential Candidate Referendum”, no matter whether you want to vote Yes or No. Fair play to our own Laura Cronin who works for Tourism Ireland in Amsterdam who is flying home to vote. She was profiled yesterday in a long article in Stellar Magazine, with a shorter piece in an article in the Irish Independent.

It’s hard to see anything other than a Yes vote in the Marriage Referendum, especially if younger voters turn up at the polls, but stranger things have happened. Now does anyone know how the Age of Presidential Candidates Referendum will end up?


Stellar Magazine: Meet Laura Cronin Who’s Flying From Amsterdam To Vote Yes For Marriage Equality

Irish Independent: Marriage Referendum: From Sydney to Vancouver… here are the Irish people travelling home to vote – full details of the referendums

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