Mary Nicholson of Main Street (née Buckley, of Carrigacooleen)

I am looking for information about my Great Grandmother, Mary Nicholson (Buckley). I understand that she was born in 1865/6, and prior to marrying John Nicholson in 1887/1888 lived in Carrigacooleen, Millstreet. They appear in the 1901 and 1911 Census at 9 Main Street.

Her son, and my Grand Father, Patrick Nicholson, appears in the 1901 Census as a ‘visitor’ in the home of Patrick and ‘Nanno’ (Nora) Buckley in Carrigacooleen. Their son, Denis Buckley, may have been a witness at the marriage of John Nicholson and Mary Buckley. In the 1911 Census( England) Patrick Nicholson appears as the nephew of John and Abina Buckley, in London. John Nicholson died, I understand in 1940.

I would very much appreciate any information regarding where he may be buried. I do not have any information with regards when Mary Buckley died, or where she is buried.

Kind Regards, Declan <email>

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The Nicholsons

John Nicholson was baptised on May 11th 1849 in Magheralin Co. Down, the son of Thomas and Catherine Nicholson. They lived not far away at Aghlee, Co. Antrim. His father was a farm labourer, and he had a younger sister Mary and younger brother John.

Marriage of John Nicholson and Mary Field on July 21st 1877 at Cork Cathedral, by (Fr. ?) Daniel McNamara. He a bachelor policeman living at Corn Market Street, son of Thos Nicholson (dead). She a spinster, living at North Abbey Square, the daughter of Eugene Field, a store keeper. In the presence of Dan Dineen, and Mary Anne Cunningham. (this is John’s first wife).

Death of Mary Nicholson on July 5th 1882 at South Main Street, Bandon – 26 years – wife of a Subconstable RIC – Organic Disease of Liver 2yrs certified – John Nicholson, Husband, South Main Street

Marriage of John Nicholson and Mary Buckley on 7th January 1888, at the Church of St. Peter and Paul, Cork. He a widower, Royal Irish Constabulary, living in Kilbrittain, son of Thomas Nicholson deceased farmer. She a farmer’s daughter from Carrigacooleen, Millstreet, daughter of Patrick Buckley a farmer. In the presence of Denis Buckley and Maggie (?) Fitzgerald.

Birth of Hanoria Mary Nicholson on February 18th 1889 – to John Nicholson of Mallow and Mary Buckley – Constable Royal Irish Constabulary.
Baptism of NORA MARIA [HONORA MARY] NICHOLSON of CARRIGACOOLEEN on 24 February 1889, sponsors Patrick Buckley and Honora Buckley.

Birth of Patrick John Nicholson on May 21st 1890 – at Bathview, Mallow – to John Nicholson and Mary Buckley – Constable RIC

Birth of John Joseph Nicholson on January 29th 1892, at Bathview Mallow to John Nicholson and Mary Nicholson – Constable RIC

Birth of Mary Kate Nicholson on June 23rd 1894 at Main Street, Millstreet – to John Nicholson, Mallow, and Mary Buckley – Constable Royal Irish Constabulary.
Baptism of MARIA CATHERINA (MARY CATHERINE) NICHOLSON of MILLSTREET on 24 June 1894, sponsors Daniel Buckley and Helen Dennehy

Birth of Margaret Nicholson at Main Street, Millstreet, on November 16th 1896, to John Nicholson and Mary Buckley – Publican

Birth of Ellen Nicholson on May 5th 1898 at Main Street Millstreet – to John Nicholson, Main Street, Millstreet, and Mary Buckley – Royal Irish Constabulary Pensioner and Publican.
Baptism of HELENA (HELEN) NICHOLSON of MILLSTREET on 8 May 1898 – sponsors Gerald and Elizabeth Buckley

John Nicholson was also mentioned in the following baptisms:
Baptism of DANIEL SULLIVAN of MILLSTREET on 11 November 1903
Baptism of JOANNES (JOHN) RIORDAN of MILLSTREET on 29 August 1901
Baptism of DIONYSIUS (DENIS) CALLAGHAN of LISCAHANE on 21 February 1902

1901 census: Residents of a house 9 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Nicholson John 50 Male Head of Family
Born Co. Antrim
R Catholic
Nicholson Mary 36 Female Wife R Catholic
Nicholson Norah M 12 Female Daughter R Catholic
Nicholson John J 8 Male Son R Catholic
Nicholson Mary K 7 Female Daughter R Catholic
Nicholson Margaret M 4 Female Daughter R Catholic
Nicholson Ellen 2 Female Daughter R Catholic

Their son Patrick was visiting with Mary’s family in Carrigacooleen (see 1911 census for the Buckleys further down).

1911 census: Residents of a house 9 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Nicholson John 65 Male Head of Family
Vintner and Grocer
Roman Catholic
Nicholson Mary 47 Female Wife
married 23 yrs
6 children, all alive
Roman Catholic
Nicholson Mary Kate 17 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Nicholson Margaret Mary 15 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Nicholson Ellen 13 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

Patrick Nicholson appears in the census of 1911 with his uncle John Buckley and Family in London! (see the Buckley section below)


Patrick had been living in London with his uncle and family. He took part in WWI from 1917 to 1918. He married Mary Clara Whelan (1891–1971) on December 1918. They had two daughters, Maureen and Monica.
In the 1939 census Patrick was an Assistant Branch Manager Insurance, noted at 24 Dene Road, Ruislip-Northwood, Middlesex, England, but with no family. He died in June 1969 in Hove, Sussex, England.

Marriage of Ellen Nicholson and Jeremiah Corkery on April 26th 1923, at Dromcondra Church, by Francis P.Quinn C.C. He was a telegraphist from 10 David Road, son of Jerimia Corkery a Farmer. She a spinster from Millstreet, daughter of John Nicholson, ex-RIC officer. In the presence of Margaret Nicholson and Thomas J Corkery.

Marriage of John J Nicholson and Bridget O’Grady on 7th July 1923 at Dromcondra Church, Dublin. He a National School Teacher, of Robertstown NS, Allen, Co.Kildare – father John Nicholson, Millstreet Co.Cork, N.S. Teacher – She of Curragh Camp Schools, Co. Kildare – father James O’Grady, Kilmaley, Ennis, Co.Clare, N. School Teacher. Priest: Francis P. Quinn CC – in the presence of Thomas Joseph O’Connor and Christina Kierce.
(They went on to have five children)
Note: (note: Fr Francis P Quinn married both John and Ellen… what is the connection?)

Death of John Joseph Nicholson on January 8th 1932 in Athgarvan – 39 years – National School Teacher – Chronic Nephritis Uraemia Cardiac failure certified – Bridget Nicholson widow of deceased present at death Athgarvan


Death of John Nicholson on the January 22nd 1940 – aged 89 – RIC Pensioner – Senile gangrene 14 days, Cardiac failure 3 days certified – Mary Nicholson, Widow, present at death Millstreet.

Probate Calendar (1944): Nicholson Mary Kate of 79 Coleridge-road Crouch End London spinster died 6 August 1944 at Napsbury Hospital St. Albans Hertfordshire Probate Llandudno 27 December to Patrick John Nicholson insurance company manager and Margaret Mary Lynch spinster. Effects £1512 17s. 3d.
Mary Kate Nicholson ( known as Kit) was a school teacher in London.
In the 1939 census Mary Kate was noted at 27 Richmond Place, Bath, a school teacher, single.

Death of Mary Nicholson on May 27th 1945 – aged 81 – Widow of John Nicholson, a shopkeeper – carcinoma of stomach, 2 months  certified, Margaret Nicholson daughter present at death Millstreet.

The Nicholsons are buried in Millstreet Church Graveyard, in the corner right behind the old cinema (almost under the projector box). The headstone reads: [Historic Graves]
In Memory of
John Nicholson Main St.
Millstreet Died Jan 22 1940
His daughter Mary Kate
who died Aug 6 1944 
His wife Mary Died May 21 1945

Where they lived:

Their house & pub was on Main Street, to the right of DT Marketing (which was previously an archway), and directly across the road from Aisling’s.

Main Street, Millstreet, approx 1910. Nicholson’s was on the right side, four doors up from where the little girl is standing on the footpath.

Mary Nicholson (née Buckley) was from Carrigacooleen, which is about 3 miles south of Millstreet on the road to Macroom [Map – Directions]. Her brother was known as Dinny Paddy Buckley.


The Buckleys from Carrigacooleen

Mary Buckley’s parents were Patrick Buckley (1823ish–1911), and Honora Dennehy (1838ish–1911+)

Marriage of PATRICIUS (PATRICK) BUCKLEY of CLOUGHWOLLY and NANO (HONORA) DANAHY of CLOUGHWOLLY on 21 July 1859, by Fr. T. Maginn in Millstreet, witnessed by TIMOTHEUS (TIMOTHY) BUCKLY and ???. (TODO: read the register properly)

They had ten children:

  • Baptism of CATHERINA (CATHERINE) BUCKLEY of CARRIGACOOLEEN on 30 September 1862. sponsored by Denis Denahy and Catherine Buckley.
  • Baptism of MARY BUCKLEY of CARRIGACOOLEEN on 10 April 1864. Date of Birth 4 April 1864. By Fr. John Doherty, sponsored by Tim Buckley and Abigail Danahy. (She married John Nicholson (above))
  • Birth of DANIEL BUCKLEY on April 14th 1868 to Patrick Buckley and Honora Denehy, farmer from Carrigacooleen. Baptism by T Carmody, sponsored by John Denahy and Mary Buckley.
  • Baptism of PATRICIUS (PATRICK) BUCKLEY of CARRIGCOLEE on 27 March 1870. By Fr. D Lynch, sponsored by Jeremiah Hegarty and Ellen Denahy.
  • Denis Patrick Buckley 1873–1955
    Birth of Denis Patrick Buckley on January 10th 1872, to Patrick Buckley and Honora Denehy. Baptism by W. Hogan, sponsored by James Kelleher and Margaret Sullivan.
    on 12 September 1875. By Fr. N Power, sponsored by Cornelius Buckley and Jane Denahey.
  • Baptism of MICHAEL BUCKLEY of CARRIGACOLEEN on 1 April 1877. By (Canon) A.S. Griffin, sponsored by Daniel Denehy and Catherine Hegarty.
  • Baptism of JOANNES (JOHN) BUCKLEY of CARRIGACOOLEN on 28 November 1881. By Rev Charles O’Sullivan, sponsored by William Reardon and Ann Hegarty.
  • Baptism of GIRALDES (GERALD) BUCKLEY of CARRIGACOOKEN on 21 September 1884. By Fr. J Foran, sponsored by Dennis Dennehy and Johanna Dennehy.
  • Missing one of the 10 children

The Buckleys home in Carrigacooleen is near the quarry. [GMaps]

1901 census: Residents of a house 2 in Carrigacooleen (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Buckley Patrick 70 Male Head of Family R Catholic
Buckley Nanno 60 Female Wife R Catholic
Buckley Denis 26 Male Son R Catholic
Buckley Timothy 24 Male Son R Catholic
Nicholson Patrick 10 Male Visitor R Catholic
Sheehan Nora 18 Female Servant R Catholic


1911 Census: Residents of a house 3 in Carrigacooleen (Coomlogane, Cork)

Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
Buckley Denis 38 Male Head of Family
Roman Catholic
Buckley Mary 37 Female Wife
8 yrs married
4 children all alive
Roman Catholic
Buckley Nora 6 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Buckley Mary 5 Female Daughter.
Married an Englishman Francis William Johnston. Retired from nursing and lived at the corner of priests cross here.
Roman Catholic
Buckley Kathleen 3 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Buckley Margaret 1 Female Daughter Roman Catholic
Healy Julia 14 Female Domestic
Roman Catholic
Buckley Patrick 86 Male Father
Retired Farmer
Roman Catholic
Buckley Nora 73 Female Mother
52 years married
10 children
7 alive
Roman Catholic

1911 census of the Buckley family in London
John Buckley 29 (sorter at the GPO London)
Abina Buckley 36 wife married 9 yrs 4 born 4 alive
Patrick Buckley 8
Nora Buckley 5
Julia Buckley 4
John Buckley 1
Patrick Nicholson 20 Nephew (Insurance Clerk)

Death of Patrick Buckley on June 21st 1911 at Carrigacooleen – 88 years – Farmer – Hypertrophy prostate, some years, retention of urine 21 days certified – Mary Nicholson daughter present at death

Birth of Patrick Buckley of Carrigacooleen on April 14th 1912, to Denis Buckley (farmer) and Mary Riordan

Birth of Ellen Buckley on June 17th 1915 at Carrigacooleen to Denis Buckley and Mary Riordan. She later married ???? Reardon in the Square.

Death of Mary Buckley on January 11th 1951 at Carrigacooleen – Widow (??) of Denis Buckley a farmer – carcinoma of spleen 9 months – Margaret Buckley daughter present at death Carrigacooleen.

Death of Denis Patrick Buckley on October 23rd 1955 at Carrigacooleen – widower – 83 years – retired farmer – myocardial failure 3 weeks, …. – Eileen Reardon Main St, Millstreet, daughter of deceased present at death

Death of Margaret (Peig) Buckley on September 27th 1963 at the Mercy Hospital – a nurse from Priest’s Cross

Death of Mary Kate Johnson (née Buckley) on June 8th 1993. Married an Englishman Francis William Johnston. Retired from nursing and lived at the corner of Priests Cross here. Francis died a year later on April 18th 1994.

Buckley’s grave in Drishane [Historic Graves]



Nicholson in the RIC

Sub Constable John Nicholson summoned Mrs. Margaret Dillon, licensed publican. Merchant’s Quay (Cork City), for having, upon the 30th ult, sold drink to a drunken person. He summoned also Mr. Thomas Dillon, who manages the house for his mother, charge of obstructing him the discharge of his duty. Mr. Alfred Blake appeared for the defence… (Cork Constitution – Thursday 11 November 1875)

POLICE OFFICE (Cork).— Two boys named Moran and Nunan, aged respectively eleven and seven years, were charged by Sub-Constable Nicholson with stealing two pairs of stockings from a woman who had them exposed for sale in Castle Street. The constable stated that while on duly Saturday evening he saw the prisoners take the stockings out of the basket while the woman’s back was turned, he went after than, but when they saw him following them they dropped the stockings on the streets. In reply to the Bench, Constable Clarke said that the parents of the children were confirmed drunkards, and several members of the family liad been the dock forserioas offences. The father one of them had been punished for stabbing a man, who was nearly killed. The prisoners were sentenced to 14 days imprisonment each, the expiration which period they were to be sent to a reformatory for five years. (Cork Constitution – Tuesday 22 February 1876)

Bandon Petty Sessions:- Constable Nicholson summoned Julia Anne Heazle for having been drunk and disorderly the 23rd ult. She was sent to gail for fourteen days at hard labour. (Cork Constitution – Tuesday 04 March 1884)

BANDON PETTY SESSIONS- Constable Nicholson summoned John Coughlan, New road, for having his licensed open for the sale of liqnor on the night of 14th inst., at illegal hour. The constable said found Mr. Coughlan’s licensed premises open for the sale of liquor at twenty minutes past eleven this night; the hall door was open and the door leading to the shop, there were parties inside, but they were lodgers, there were appearances of drink having been consumed at the bar … Cork Constitution – Tuesday 22 July 1884

… Colon, being swom, said he could not positively swear that Burgess was the man who robbed him. Sergeant M’Evoy proved the book was in his property, and was stolen from off the shelf in his house. Constable Nicholson deposed Burgess admitted he knew who stole the money. The prisoner denied stealing the money, and said found the drill book. He was sent to jail for 14 days … (Cork Constitution – Wednesday 12 June 1889)

Mallow Petty Sessions:- Mary Lynch, publican. Bank place, was charged by Constable Nicholson with breach of the Licensing Act by selling liquor on Sunday week to a man named Thomas Garvin and several other strangers, having only a six day licence. Mr Fitzgerald, for the defendant, said that the owner of the house was away and drink was given a brother the defendant to the others as they were friends and he received money- Constable Houraban corroborated Constable Nicholson, and the publican was fined £1 and costs. (Cork Constitution – Wednesday 11 April 1894)

John Nicholson retired from the R.I.C. in On September 16th 1894, at the age of 48, with the rank of constable in the Cork East Riding. His pension came to £42 2s 4d per year paid first at Millstreet[att], and later at Macroom. The pension remained exactly the same until at least 1923.

Bits and pieces:

John Nicholson’s publican licence on Main Street, Millstreet was granted in October 1895 [Cork Constitution – Monday 14 October 1895]

The Nicholson’s yearly rent in 1901 was £20 which was quite a bit higher that his neighbours. [Sale of Millstreet]

John Nicholson was listed in the R.I.C. Nominal Returns for 1905 as a C.F.F. Subscriber  (C.F.F => Constabulary Force Funds)
35698 Const John Nicholson, Main St. Millstreet, Co. Cork

John Nicholson was noted as a donor for the Irish Parliamentary Party in 1909, as organised by the priests and people of Millstreet [Cork Examiner – Saturday 27 November 1909]

At the annual concert for the Presentation Convent School, one of the Nicholson girls was singing: “… The duet, “Life’s Dream O’er” was beautifully sung by the Misses Lily Nicholson and Ciss Murphy…” [Cork Examiner – Wednesday 13 July 1910]
(Presume that Helen was known as Lily?)

At the funeral of an old Millstreet fenian in 1916, the Nicholsons are noted in attendance: JJ Nicholson N.T. as well as J Nicholson.

Apparently two Black and Tans exited Nicholson’s pub just before the murder of Captain Paddy McCarthy in Millstreet in 1920:

“…At this stage Paddy McCarthy suggested that there was little likelihood of any more activity and “Neilus,” Healy proceeded to the junction of Mill Lane with Main St. to have a look round. As he reached the junction he noticed two people leaving Nicholson’s public house at the opposite side of the street. We returned immediately and reported accordingly. We were then about 20 feet from Main St., and as the message was being conveyed by “Neilus” Healy a shot rang out and Paddy McCarthy dropped. He had been shot through the head and was killed outright…”

The pub in the 1940’s is remembered as a quiet one, essentially an old man’s pub. It was sold at some time later, and known after as Andy Sal’s. [To’S].

“John Nicholson, m Brid Ní Ghráda, teachers in Athgarvan, Kildare, 5 children, died quite young. Supposed to have had a lovely tenor voice. Family may have had a pub in Millstreet” – [Orlaith Carmody]

When Francis William Johnston retired to Priest’s Cross, he had plenty of time on his hands, and rather than go into town, he liked to walk the five miles to Healy’s Kilcorney and back for a drink most days. [To’S]


mary kelleher keim – was buckley from there [To’S]

TODO: How long did the Nicholson family stay around? or were they all gone by 1945.

TODO: What happened to the other nicholson siblings? married within Ireland, but where to.

TODO: The buckley family section is very …. unfilled

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    1. This John Nicholson died in 1940, having retired from the RIC, and subsequently been a publican. He was originally from Antrim, so the name is quite unusual in and around Millstreet.I’m not aware that he ever taught!

      1. Carmel, where did he teach your grandfather? … and what years? (I’d think somewhere between 1910 and 1920)
        I’d be confident to say that the John Nicholson that was teaching your grandfather was the son of the John Nicholson mentioned above. He was known John Joseph (John Joe or just JJ).
        Both father and son are mentioned at the funeral of local Fenian James O’Mahony in 1916 – “JJ Nicholson NT” and “J Nicholson”.
        by 1923, JJ was teaching near the Curragh in Kildare, married to a Clare lady, where they went on to have five children.

    2. Update:
      John Nicholson and Mary Buckley are buried, along with their daughter Mary Kate ( Mary Catherine) in St Patrick’s Cemetery in Millstreet.the writing is not easy to read, but if you want directions I am happy to provide them!

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