Sincere Heartfelt Thanks

Leaving Dublin's Mater following a successful procedure.
Leaving Dublin’s Mater following a successful procedure.
William Fitzgerald - Supporter supreme during the procedures.
William Fitzgerald – Supporter supreme during the procedures.
Words of Inspiration on the route home to Millstreet.
Words of Inspiration on the route home to Millstreet.

Sincere Heartfelt Thanks

As  I gradually recover from the heart related scenario which emerged on St. Patrick’s Day 2015…I have time to reflect on the hugely appreciated kindness which I’ve experienced since then.   I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the many wonderful relations in Millstreet, Killarney, Dungarvan and beyond…to the many very genuine true Friends and Neighbours who have shown such practical assistance…to the many who have sent Mass Bouquets, Get Well Cards, Letters, Phone Calls, Texts and Emails…to the various Local Organisations…to the two marvellously gifted Surgeons in Limerick and Dublin with such healing hands and their dedicated teams…to the Priests for their prayerful assistance which in no small way led to the successful outcome relating to the significant heart procedure in Dublin … to my local GPs and to the Staffs of the School in which I had taught.   A very special word of thanks to William & Ita Fitzgerald from Cullen for their splendid help during the challenging time….to Ita for so spontaneously arranging for William to drive me not only for the angiogram in Limerick but also to Dublin for the corrective procedure at a later point.  As always, William was so superbly witty, humorous and so very supportive during such a new experience in my life.   I am 64 since January and the words of the Beatles hit “When I’m 64” certainly took on a far more significant meaning in my life in the lines…“Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64?”… Thankfully the answers to both questions appear to be positive!    The past fortnight has given me an

entirely new perspective on life … how very precious it is…how so very fortunate I was to receive such a mild but very significant warning…has given me a greater sense of empathy with the relations of those who may not have received such a warning.   Meeting those in hospital who are experiencing far greater health challenges and dealing with it so very courageously has indeed been a true revelation and a real source of inspiration.   Above all, the life-changing experience has demonstrated so very clearly how magnificently supportive a circle of very real Friends has been at such a significant time of my life.   To All I extend heartfelt and sincere thanks for such greatly appreciated and hugely important support.  A special Mass of Thanksgiving is being offered for the intentions of All…..Seán Radley…Friday, 15th May 2015…the exact day on which the Millstreet Eurovision took place in 1993….22 years ago!

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  1. We are very happy that you are on the mend Sean and that you have been in such save and healing hands. New lease of life for you now agus go n-eiri leat aris!!

  2. Sean , I was not aware of your illness. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Good luck and good health always. Gene

  3. You can’t keep a good man down. Sorry to read tonight about your set back Sean. I must say you are looking very well after the procedure. Onwards and upwards. Denis

  4. Hello Sean, warmest good wishes from Mayo. I am delighted to see that you are in fine form after the procedure in Dublin earlier in the week.Every now and again we are blessed to meet truly special and genuine people on life’s highways and byways. You are one of those, Sean. We all hope you make a splendid recovery and get many more years to continue the good work you have pioneered all through your life. Hey, Sean, 22 years since the Eurovision was in Millstreet …? …well, in our eyes, you are a real star every day ….!!!! High Five!

    1. Michael…such marvellously uplifting words from the true gentleman whose twice weekly hugely popular programme on Midwest Radio has been a worldwide favourite for years…from the man who officially introduces Big Tom McBride at all his sell-out Concerts…from the Mayo man whose appearances on the weekly “Phil Mack Country Show” on Channel 191 (Irish TV) are universally enjoyed and always interesting … and from the Journalist supreme whose magnificent features on the weekly “Farmers’ Journal” on the Country Life magazine in the “Country Sounds” section has established itself in the world of Country and Western and Irish as the leading and widely respected source in that ever popular genre of music here in Ireland and far beyond….And of course Michael is a totally dedicated Mayo GAA enthusiast and writes with great passion and conviction about his GAA opinions and interests in many Western Newspapers.

  5. Sean,
    Great to hear you are home. Hope to see you soon. Take care and be good and kind to yourself. Everybody is wishing you well.
    Siobhan Buckley

  6. Seanie, wishing you a speedy recovery. It looks like they did a great job for you at the Mater, you look in great shape. Take it easy for a while. Go mbeannaí Dia duit. x

  7. Sean
    We are Very pleased that you are out the other side of your procedure.
    We hope you make a speedy and full recovery so that you can continue your great work in the community. Your generosity is well known and appreciated. Best regards always.

  8. Good news out of Millstreet Seán Radley health-wise now okay
    He has recovered from his setback on Patrick’s Day
    At such very good tidings many will rejoice
    To get well soon wishes to Seán I too do lend my voice

    The Seán Radleys of the World are to humanity’s gain
    And that every community needs a few like him as a fact does remain
    To help other people he goes out of his way
    And the seeds of good Karma he sows every day

    In him his late father and mother did raise a good son
    You never hear Seán Radley criticize anyone
    A genial sort of a fellow and free of conceit
    And known and liked far beyond the borders of the Town of Millstreet

    Never known to be an athlete or good at hurling or Gaelic football
    But in a sports mad Town one liked and admired by all
    His numbers of friends only do seem to grow
    One can say of Seán he has the inner glow

    As nice a person as one could wish to meet
    No other quite like him in the Town of Millstreet
    Seán Radley the man every day who does make a new friend
    It is so good to learn his health is on the mend.

    “Good News Out Of Millstreet” is by Francis Duggan

    (added by mdc)

  9. Francis – Your beautifully composed poem is clearly assisting my recuperation although such praise I do not at all merit. So very often as a member of our website administration team we consistently receive wonderfully positive comments relating to the various poetic gems you so very kindly share – from people especially who have lost loved ones and about whom you have written such deeply appreciated poetic lines about their lives. Your splendid literary compositions have been treasured by many. And this current poem will most certainly receive a most precious place in my life.

  10. Dear Seán, what lovely news, and what a beautiful message. I told all of my McCarthy relatives here in Connecticut and New York about your procedure, and we were all sending you healing thoughts. Life is indeed precious. My family will never forget your kindness and hospitality during our visit to Millstreet. I hope you have many more days filled with laughter, friendship, poetry and all the beauty of this world. – Christine

  11. Dear Christine and All in Connecticut and New York – Truly delighted to hear from you and to realise that your wonderfully healing prayers and thoughts reached Dublin and Millstreet – the effect has been totally uplifting and positive. Such heartfelt sincere thoughts from you all are deeply appreciated. And thank you for tuning into “Radio Treasures” on such a regular basis. I shall certainly make special reference to this marvellous message on this Tuesday’s programme. Renewed thanks to you all, dear Friends.

  12. Hello Seán.
    How wonderful it was to chat with you just now on the telephone. It’s made my day. I was absolutely delighted to hear that you are alost back to your old self. Life is a journey, sometimes bumpy. You’ve certainly got over your ‘bump’ with your usual good cheer and kindness of spirit. Here’s to a speedy recovery.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

  13. Sean,

    Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky USA. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I am planning a trip back to Millstreet in September. We need to get together for lunch or dinner.


  14. best wishes to you seán, last met you at Tubrid Well just three weeks ago and we are delighted that the procedure was a success from jack and kathleen

  15. Jack & Kathleen …. Thank you indeed for those greatly encouraging words you shared when we met at Tubrid before I had the procedure which thankfully went well. Sincere compliments on the superb insights into the world of huge agricultural machinery so well illustrated on your Facebook.

  16. Séanie, It is so wonderful to see you looking so happy and well and not only did you reach 64 but we hope you reach 100 ! It is so lovely to see the truly sincere wishes for you, you so fully deserve them all …and humble and all as you definitely are … take a bow ….best of luck to you now as you continue where you left off ….enjoy life it’s like a rebirth …great for you…it could not happen to a nicer person.

    1. Áine & Pat – Great to hear from Co. Limerick (with Kilcorney roots of course!) and to receive such uplifting comments. I called to Kilcorney Grotto for the outdoor Mass during the week but because of weather it was held indoors. May has always been the month when the Buckley Family used to be so wonderfully involved in the preparations for the annual Kilcorney Feis….Great memories of so many mighty Feiseanna! Kindest regards.

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