May In Annagloor

With such wonderful memories how could anyone feel poor
Of the nesting songbirds singing in the groves of Annagloor
And the hawthorns looking resplendent in their white blossoms of the May
And the old fields in their wildflowers green and beautiful today
And the dark brown birds of the waterways of breast as white as snow
The dipper he is singing where the babbling Cails does flow
Where i first grew to love Nature years ago as a young boy
And today learning of her ways is a thing i do enjoy

I may have left the old fields but the love of home is strong
And on my flights of fancy the meadow pipit is on song
And the familiar song of the robin always a joy for to hear
May in Annagloor as i remember is a lovely time of year
With such wonderful memories how could anyone feel poor
Of when the flowers of May are blooming in the fields of Annagloor.

“May In Annagloor” is by Francis Duggan

1 thought on “May In Annagloor”

  1. Beautiful! Beautiful words indeed. Thank you Francis, for continuing to remind us of the joys and beauties of the homeland. Our feet may have left but never our hearts.

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